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11 tips to success in your Facebook promotions

Companies wishing to improve their positioning on the Internet, should integrate social media into their online marketing strategy. This obviously includes the ultimate social networking service: Facebook. This is why it’s essential to use some important resources to become more popular and increase your presence on social networks both rapidly and effectively. Facebook promos and competitions are undoubtedly some of the tools you can use, since they allow you to enhance interactions with fans, strengthen the brand communications and win over new fans effectively.

With this objective in mind and in order to help you run successful Facebook promotions, we offer this guide with a series of tips to allow you to optimise the effectiveness of your competition. In this guide you will find the following information:

  • Preliminary considerations (to be noted down): Before you hit any key, there are important concepts you need to define.
  • Tips about implementation: Some aspects to bear in mind when you develop your ideas.
  • Post-implementation analysis: It looks as if everything has gone great, but what can you improve?

We hope you find it useful! ;)

Click here to download the guide: Cool Tabs – Practical guide to success in your Facebook promotions

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