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5 Effective Ways To Get Targeted Data From Your Audience and add it to your CRM


A report from Gartner anticipated that the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market is growing up to $37 billion in the year 2017 and with the end of this year; we can say that it has surely done a great business in the market. The marketing companies in Dubai keep looking forward to utilizing this tool to enhance their business industries and projects. The ease of understanding the CRM system and how it works, the mobile CRM feature and the fact that it is now hosted by the cloud servers as well has uplifted its value in the past many years. The marketers and businessmen are now eager to add more and more to their Customer Relationship Management program to enhance their sales and profit. The more targeted approach a business offers towards its audience, the better results it is able to produce.


Thus, to help you in your marketing and business venture, we have listed below the five effective ways through which you can use the targeted data obtained from the customers to improve the relationship between the brand and the customer. They are as follows:

1. Utilize the ads to get potential data

Many website designing Dubai firms use Facebook ads and other Google ads to promote their brand and attract the customers. The plus point of this is that they get a fair idea of the areas from where and the type of people who respond to the ads. With such information, the brand can then give out other promotional offers or prizes to improve the customer relations. Moreover, the response from the ads allows the marketer to weight their efforts made in promoting the ads and whether they need to add some more in it or is it sufficient to manage the customer relationship.

2. Make use of geo-location to get solid information

Geolocation for CRM

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Geo-location can be greatly used to the advantage of the business brand. It allows customizing and conducting targeted marketing campaigns playing its part in the improvement of the CRM itself. These campaigns then target the right audience and take information of all kinds from them. The information talks about the interest of the people and the success rate of marketing in the particular area. In this way, the marketer can produce more content or make special offers for the people in a specific area. Here are the few aspects of geolocation that helps in getting the desired data and adding it to the CRM:

  • The locations previously visited by the customers prove to be potential for the brand marketers and geolocation service helps in pointing them out for them.
  • It offers a report on the behavior of the customers and their interest in specific things.
  • Once you know the location that highly responds, you can create the location-specific landing pages.
  • It helps in finding out the responsive location-specific keywords.

3. Big Data analysis provides you the results you need

One of the main components of CRM is to drive the marketing effectiveness with all the efforts at hand. Big Data analysis is a similar way that offers targeted data from the audience to improvise the customer-brand relationship. It obtains all kinds of data from the audience that help in making the business industries successful. This in return helps the marketers to conduct techniques and tricks that will improve the CRM.

4. Use social media networks to the fullest

CRM: Social Media

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Social media marketing proved to be beneficial for the business brands. How? It acted as the perfect platform to advertise, promote the brand and attract the customers to the posts, videos, pictures and the events. Here are few ways to obtain the targeted data from the audience via social media networks. You can use these to decipher the secret behind the customer/ viewer’s action and optimize the CRM. The few ways are as follows:

  • Grab information from the events made on social media. Find out the type of people, what attracts them to these events and the number of people following and attending it. This will help you come up with a similar idea for your brand’s event.
  • Find out what kind of content is liked and shared on the network by viewing the already shared posts by the audience.
  • Analyze your competitor’s efforts on the social media network and use that information to your advantage.

5. Email marketing

CRM: email marketing

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The success results obtained from the email marketing campaigns are actually the targeted data from the audience which can help in improving the overall marketing plan. Through email marketing, you can send email to a specific segment that you think is the most valuable but it is the response data obtained from their activities that actually drives the sales. The email opening rates, the success of the subject line used, the content that helped in engaging the viewer, click-through rates, tracking the past purchases through links and similar data from the audience reaction helps in further improving the customer relationship management system.

The job of the customer relationship management sector is to improve the bond between the customers and the business brand. To do this, what would be better than shedding light on the things and ideas the customers themselves like and reciprocating the same for them to attract them to the brand. These above-mentioned five effective ways help in doing so and thus are considered quite valuable.

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