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8 Essential Tips For A Winning Mobile Marketing Strategy


With the majority of your customers now focused on their smartphone or tablet as a primary device, is your mobile marketing reaching that audience? Here are eight ways to ensure you engage with the mobile audience and get their attention. Pick and choose the most relevant to your line of business to boost results and grow your following.

mobile marketing strategy

Mobile Marketing Tip 1: Go 24/7 With A Chatbot

As your customers increasingly lead all-hours digital lives, your business should be able to support and recommend new ideas or products to them at any time. A chatbot is the current hot trend for extending your support or answering customer questions, even when you’re not in the office. Able to handle thousands of chats at once, they can inform, sell and upsell while making your business more efficient through automated booking and other tasks.

Any business can build a chatbot quickly using cloud services like SnatchBot. It offers analytics, AI features like natural language processing and provides a No.1-rated service that can publish the chatbot to your mobile app, Facebook Messenger, Skype, website and other services to maximise your audience, wherever they are. Customers are still getting used to chatbots but soon every business will need one.

Mobile Marketing Tip 2: Promote With Push Notifications and SMS

Engaging with customers through push notifications is a great “force multiplier” for marketers. You are on their device, in their own time and providing real-time information, reminders and updates about products, deals and events.

If your business has an extensive customer database with mobile numbers, then SMS text messages can do a similar job, but Push provides the advantage of greater analytics and flexibility.

Push notifications, when used wisely and providing value offer a high return on investment and help make the target feel a greater and valued part of your brand. They lead straight to the call-to-action and target page or activity, and make for a simpler customer journey. And, as everyone loves a deal, they offer a high conversion rate, just don’t abuse the privilege of being on their device.

Mobile Marketing Tip 3: Build an App Today

Creating an app or store-app for your business need not be complex, and apps remain a must-have feature for customers and business to simplify interactions. Services like AppInstitute offer a simple, templated approach to creating progressive web apps that combine the best of websites and mobile apps. You can add loyalty features like stamp cards and coupons to encourage repeat business, and benefit from a permanent place on your customers’ device home page.

For growing businesses with a unique mobile feature to offer or sell, an app is essential to help engage with customers and sell solutions or products. Most businesses already see their rivals using an app, so will need one to compete and then find ways to be different or add extra customer services to make it a must-use experience.

Mobile Marketing Tip 4: Mobile is About Moments

With all the social media services, accounts, marketing efforts and site updates in action, your business needs to focus on the key moments where your customers are at their most engaged, or the times you have something important to say.

While dashboards and automated push services can send the message at the right time, you need to ensure all your services are pushing that message at the right time. Is your bot up to date with a new strand of messaging, is the background on your Twitter promoting the new seasonal event.

As marketing becomes more multi-faceted, whatever you use to send the message, take the time to ensure that everything works in harmony to help get that message across. Study the results from any campaign and use the best-timing data, or find it from research or see how major brands time their efforts, to plan your future operations.

Mobile Marketing Tip 5: Make the most of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

Your customers in the mobile age are a fast-moving bunch, with people already giving up on Facebook and Twitter for new services. Facebook Messenger allows people to talk directly with their friends so is taking over from the post-based traditional Facebook experience.

As already mentioned, a chatbot is a great way to engage on Messenger and other chat services. But, other ways to maintain and grow a presence include ChatWhale, which offers loyalty and reward schemes as part of the conversation to build up a rapport.

Image-friendly companies are already focused on Instagram, as both virtual window shopping, allowing for greater focus on product. The recently added store option allows companies to sell on Instagram, something boutique, handmade and high-end brands are taking advantage of.

The group nature of WhatsApp is fresh territory for marketers, allowing them to bring specific messages and products to the conversation. From charities to sports clubs and brands, WhatsApp provides a fresh new place to engage, and any business can test the water to see what sticks.

Mobile Marketing Tip 6: Mobilise Your Sites and Services

While your business might be doing well through its traditional website, as more users go mobile, you will need to ensure the site meets all Google’s latest good SEO habits and behaviours to ensure it remains visible to people using mobile search. A site refresh or update can help ensure your site and business remains relevant well into the next mobile revolution.

Mobile Marketing Tip 7: Watch to See What Comes Next

We’re already seeing more messages pushed to smart watches and Apple Watch is becoming a success story in its own right. Whatever the hardware or the social media platform. Make sure your business messaging and marketing fits those platforms. That’s both in terms of message brevity and detail, and the type of image or link you provide.

Check in on the marketing trends from time to time to see where you should be promoting the business and don’t be afraid to try new services or concepts to get your message across.

Mobile Marketing Tip 8: Grow Your Social Media Audience and Obtain Leads Trough Mobile Campaigns

Promotions and sweepstakes on Social Media are one of the bests ways to reach new audience, as well as engage and generate new leads. Quizzes, coupon promotions, direct sweepstakes… You’ve got infinite choices and campaigns enhance your marketing mobile strategy! Mobile,  according to Cool Tabs, has become one of the firsts traffic sources to Social Media campaigns, so make sure to always adapt the images and look & feel of your campaigns to mobile devices.

Are you using these tips for your mobile marketing strategy? Are there any other tips you can tell us about? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Great post. I think you can also install chatbots to your app for a better customer experience. Just a suggestion

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      Hi Steven!
      You’re right. Also, chatbots are one of the 2019 marketing trends.
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  4. These eight tips are great. But I would like to add one more thing which is controlled use of notification and not just spams it. It is better to use them to highlight the deal of the season.

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