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A new product line from Cool Tabs is born! Cool Quiz has arrived!

Cool Quiz: Create, embed and share your own quizzes

Cool Quiz: Create, embed and share your own quizzes

Suur-priiii-se! We have some new products and this time they have nothing to do with (OK, a little to do with) promotions and competitions on social networks. We’ll quickly tell you the story of how it came about: We really liked the recent developments that we have been working on and releasing for your social media marketing campaigns, but one day we wondered: What if you could not only include your competition on your website,  but that you could also create the content for your website directly from Cool Tabs? We could apply our expertise in social media and increase social traffic on the websites of our customers! So, we thought about what content might be of interest to add to a website and what could bring out first and after a lot of brainstorming… Cool Quiz was born!

What is Cool Quiz and what can it be used for?

Cool Quiz is a new application from Cool Tabs with which create any of the following for your website: an opinion poll to find out if your customers are satisfied; a personality test in which, depending on user responses, you tell them which song, movie, artist, television series character … they are and why; or a quiz with a time limit, with points for correct answers, with random questions or where you tell them immediately if they are right or not and why. Cool Quiz offers several gamification structures for your website or blog to promote loyalty and enhance your engagement.

Types of quizzes

Cool Quiz options

  1. Anonymous registration or registration with social networks.

Cool Quiz allows users to access contents by either connecting using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+or by doing so anonymously. Anonymous registration in turn allows two options. Users can either access the form and answer without providing any personal details or, if you prefer, they can access the questionnaire without using any social networks, but rather by providing some details. In this case you will generate new leads that you can analyse in detail, segment and export to your CRM system or mailing list.

  1. Customised design and white label version. 

Your Cool Quiz can have the design that you most like and the one that best suits your site. Both questions and answers may include videos, images or songs. You can choose, besides, if you want to display a front page with the presentation of the Cool Quiz (image + description) or if you want to show directly the entry form. You just need to select the usual content widget or the shortcut to the entry form, choose what size you want it to be and copy the code provided to your website or blog.

Include the widget on your web

Cool Quiz is also available in its white label version, Cool Quiz White Label. With this version, as for our previous applications, there will be no reference to Cool Tabs.

Examples of how Cool Quiz can be used

  • Online shop customer satisfaction survey: You can include an anonymous survey on your website and find out what opinion your customers have about your products and services. You can reward them with a discount coupon for investing their time into completing the survey or just thank them for having left their feedback.
  • Personality test to entertain your audience or recommend one of your products or services to them depending on the results: For example, you can create a test about what type of film genre they are, according to a series of questions and, depending on the genre that comes out for them, recommend one of your products that may be classed as “romantic”, “scary”, “western”, etc.
  • Quiz in which you tell your users what the correct answers are and why: The idea of this type of quiz is to create a gamification structure that encourages engagement and increases loyalty because of your content. An example of this type of quiz: Our demo.

Do you want to increase your website’s conversion rate now? Put a survey, poll, test or questionnaire in place with Cool Quiz and measure the results. You’ll get content that is fun, made to be shared and, therefore, very viral. Success guaranteed!

More information: All of the information about Cool Quiz | DEMO

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