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Advantages of the premium version of Page Performance

Advantages of Page Performance Premium

Advantages of Page Performance: Premium version

The premium version of Page Performance is now available for all monthly plans offered by Cool Tabs (Stone, Gold and Diamond). The premium option is a good step forward from the basic version of  Page Performance – which is available to all users free of charge – providing several extra features:

  • Advanced segmentation: Page Performance‘s free service enables you to compare your Facebook page with other pages of the same fan sizes. The premium formula includes two new filters so you can compare your page with the fan pages of your real competitors. You can now filter by category and country.
  • A more detailed analysis of your performance: The premiumversion gathers data from the last 150 posts on your Facebook page, whereas the free version only provides information from the last 50 posts. The premium version is more accurate and reliable for fan pages with one or more new posts per day.
  • Performance data and charts of your Fan Page from the last six months: This involves, as it was the case above, further more accurate results. The free version provides data and charts from the last month only and, therefore, produces a sample that is not as representative as that provided by the premium

Besides, Page Performance Premium will soon offer the following two options:

  • Each KPI will be calculated for the date range you select: This way, if you have carried out any social media marketing action, you will be able to select the dates in which the campaign was run to find out some specific information about the performance of your Facebook
  • Exporting data and charts to Power Point(ppt): This will enable you to create simple and very illustrative reports with all the data provided by your Page Performance.

Are results in the premium version of Page Performance any different from those obtained in the free version?

Thanks to advanced segmentation and a more comprehensive analysis of Facebook pages, you can draw more accurate conclusions. Let’s illustrate this with a practical example: a bank’s Facebook page:

  • Analysis using the free version of Page Performance, comparing the bank’s fan page with other pages of the same fan sizes: A simple look at the post statistics shows that, generally, the page performance is lower than average compared with other fan pages of the same fan sizes:

comparing the bank's fan page with other pages of the same fan sizes

  • Analysis with Page Performance Premiumusing the category filter “banks”: The performance is still lower than average when it comes to paid-for posts and fans reached, but the remaining data related to publications are either average or above average.


Analysis with Page Performance Premiumusing the category filter “banks”

  • Analysis with Page Performance Premium including category filter “country”: In this example, we have kept the filter “Banks” and added a new filter to it, the country filter. We have chosen Spain. As we can see below, data show that this bank’s fan page experienced a weaker performance than other Spanish bank’s fan pages. This means that, even though the overall performance of this bank is good compared to that registered by other banks worldwide, the results are weaker than those achieved by other fan pages of Spanish banks.

Analysis with Page Performance Premium including category filter "country"

Try one of our plans and benefit from a free trial of Page Performance Premium and compare your performance with real competitors’.

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