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Analyse Instagram geotags and hashtags with Page Performance

Analyse Instagram geotags and hashtags with Page Performance

Analyse Instagram geotags and hashtags with Page Performance

With our Page Performance for Instagram service, it is not only possible to analyse any public profile, but you can also monitor a hashtag or analyse a geotag. We do not only provide you with the number of publications made at a specific location or a  with a specific hashtag, but also with all data that could be obtained from a  profile analysis on Instagram, such as, for example, for example, showing which users with the most influence that have published a photo or video at that location or with that hashtag, or which post has had the most engagement, etc.

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See the Instagram posts made in your shop

Page Performance allows you to analyse any Instagram geotag, which means you can analyse any location that exists on Facebook, as the possible locations on Instagram rely on Facebook Places. This can be very useful when you have one or more physical shops from where some of your customers post a picture of your establishment and/or your products or services and when you want to be aware of who these customers are and what reach and influence they have on Instagram and maybe even do some form of marketing with them.

How to make the most of geotags analysis

Analysing an Instagram location has more possibilities than you may first think. Here are some ideas on how you could make the most of this new Page Performance option:

  • Get to know your customers better and find out what they think about your business through your posts. For example, if several customers have posted a photo of your carrot cake / of the beer from a certain brand / of an illustration that you have on one of the walls in your establishment / of the balcony of one of the rooms in your hotel / etc., it means that what they most liked about your business was that thing, or at least it is what they thought would look best in a photo, which is meaningful in itself.
  • Make the most of these positive publications about your business by reposting themand give visibility to those Instagram users that visit you.
  • Take a forward step by getting User Generated Content (UGC) to work for you. Content generated by users is plentiful, authentic, builds trust and is easily scalable, especially if the users that have created that content are influential on this social network. Seeing as this type of content has these characteristics, why not use it? Here are some ideas for using UGC:
    • Share it, just like we mentioned before (byreposting), either on another social network or on your own blog.
    • Look for inspiration for your next campaign or to promote certain products/services.
    • Integrate those user photos or videos in your next social media marketing campaign.
    • Add this content to your website along with each product or service that is sold so that potential customers can see what is on offer in other ways than just through stock photos. Example:

o Add this content to your website along with each product or service that is sold

Cases where analysing Instagram geotags is of interest

  • Businesses with one or more physical shops.
  • Hotel chainto see the posts being made from each hotel.
  • Restaurants or cafes, whereInstagram users typically take photos of food or drink and upload them to the social network.
  • Monitor an event that we have held in a given place and for which we want to analyse the publications on that date from that specific location.

How to analyse a Geotag on Instagram

Monitor the hashtag associated with your brand or one of your campaigns

In our Instagram publications we often use hashtags simply to achieve greater visibility and so that users interested in a specific subject can see our post. So, if we analyse our Instagram profile with Page Performance we will see which of these hashtags work the best, but this might not be enough on its own. In many cases we are interested in getting a report for a particular hashtag, for example, for the hashtag corresponding to our brand (#mybrand), for the one that had the most engagement, or for the one that we used for a particular campaign or event to get specific information about that Instagram tag.

How to make the most of hashtags analysis

  • If it is a hashtag that refers to your business, you can make the most of it in the same way that we mentioned above for the geotags: Get to know your potential customers better, share posts, find inspiration for your promotions, competitions or other marketing campaigns and integrate those photos either in your campaigns or on your website. Due it being a hashtag that refers to your business, you can include it in a section of your site dedicated to your customers. Example:

You can include it in a section of your site dedicated to your customers

  • If it is a general hashtag that refers to your sector or to a range of your products, you can use the hashtag analysis that we offer to find potential influencers and work with them in a marketing campaign, find potential customers and see what they like or what they value in your industry, find other brands or businesses related to yours and get ideas, etc.
  • If it is ahashtag corresponding to one your campaigns or events, you can see who are the most relevant users to your brand or business among the participants that used the hashtag. You can also objectively evaluate whether your event was promoted due to posts on this network or, on the contrary, that participants hardly published anything. You will see what sort of reception posts relating to your event got on Instagram, where participants were or who published the most photos -men or women-, at what time or on which day there was the most interaction with those posts and what that could be due to, etc. This means that you will not be starting from scratch for the next campaign or event and you will be able to react accordingly to make the campaign or event as productive as possible. Don’t forget about the option of creating an Instagram Wall in your event. In addition, you can use the content that is generated with that hashtag either by sharing it, integrating it into the minisite dedicated to your campaign, or on the post/page dedicated to your event.

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