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Our Applications Redeem Discount Voucher Codes from Your Clients

Our Applications Redeem Discount Voucher Codes from Your Clients

Our Applications Redeem Discount Voucher Codes from Your Clients

We normally want to increase the number of fans on Facebook, so that we can use this social network to promote and generate engagement with them, and encourage these fans to eventually become customers, in case they still aren’t. However, given that Facebook can be a good means to increase brand engagement and to make this engagement last, it can also be very useful to try and turn clients into fans.

But, how can we make clients become fans of our page on Facebook? As you will have already figured out from the title of this post, we believe that giving out discount vouchers for clients to validate on this social network can be a good way to achieve this. But before you do that, they will have to like your page and participate in the promo created for this purpose.

Redeeming discount vouchers – Study case

  • The situation is the following: we have a physical shop or an online store where we sell our products and services to all kinds of clients and we want to reward them for their loyalty, build loyalty with them and/or increase their engagement with the brand. So, we decide to give out discount or gift vouchers with a unique code and we inform our clients that, in order to redeem these codes, they need to access the online promotion of the brand which is now available. Doesn’t it look like a game?
  • With our discount vouchers we must provide all the necessary instructions for the customers to use it and obtain the discount or gift we want to give out. On the voucher, we can also include the link to access the promotion from a mobile phone, so that the clients who wish to do so can access the promotion and participate as soon as they can. Before we design this voucher, it is important that we think what information it should contain in order to attract clients to participate.
  • The promotion or contest designed to give out these vouchers can have many formats. However, we recommend that you use one with a simple procedure, since we will be asking our potential participants to redeem an offline voucher online. So, among our varied promotion types, we would suggest you simply ask them to complete the form with their details and the code. You could also ask them to answer two or three questions or to tweet whatever message you have chosen for the competition. Even though there are other kinds of contests which are more complex and also allow clients to redeem their discount vouchers, in this case, we strongly recommend you to use a simple format, so that you don’t discourage participants from redeeming their vouchers.
  • Redeeming vouchers: the participant simply needs to fill in the participation form with the fields you have included, among which we will find a specific one to be completed with the code provided in their vouchers. When the client has completed this step, s/he will automatically become a fan of your page and a participant in the contest.

Entry form

How can we set up the option to redeem discount vouchers?

This option is available for all our promotion and competition applications, except for Cool Promo Liteand they all have a separate section in the application settings form.

Enable coupons or code validation

To activate this option, we simply need to tick the option “redeeming vouchers or codes” and provide the codes we have included in the vouchers. This way, when they redeem them, the application will accept or reject them depending on whether or not they match the ones provided in this section.

Provide the codes you have included in the vouchers

If we have given out some vouchers with identical codes, we will need to enable the option “reusing codes”, so that more than one user can redeem the same code.

Enable code reuse

If we follow these simple steps, we can activate the voucher redeeming option in our application. Wanna give it a try?

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