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Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas to Make Users Fall in Love with Your Brand

After a first month of the year in which consumers tighten their belts, in February spending increases again. And then comes an important date: Valentine’s Day. February 14th is a date celebrated by some and hated by others in equal parts, but it gives brands a great opportunity to generate notoriety, reach more consumers and increase sales. You can’t pass up the opportunity to launch an online campaign or Valentine’s Day sweepstakes that will help you fan the flame of love with your current and potential customers. In this post, you will find Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that will make both die-hard romantics and Cupid’s detractors fall in love.

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

5 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for your brand

1. Instagram Sweepstakes to make your followers fall in love

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks and one of the biggest business opportunities for brands. That’s why it is the preferred platform for sweepstakes. Think about it, is there anyone who has not yet surrendered to Instagram?

As you already know or have seen, Instagram displays content to users based on their preferences. To do this, it takes interactions, especially comments, into account. And sweepstakes are one of the most effective tools for increasing engagement.

This February 14, launch Valentine’s Day Instagram sweepstakes in which participants have to leave a comment. You can ask them to tell you their most disastrous date, who is their crush (famous or not) or simply, they have to comment with whom they would share the prize you draw. You can always adapt it to your brand, products and services.

Opt for the star dynamic: FOLLOW + COMMENT + MENTION FRIENDS.

2. Photo contest with lots of love

Another Valentine’s Day marketing ideas is to create a Valentine’s Day sweepstakes, in which the most romantic and not so romantic users have to share a photo of their most in love moment. It can be with their partner, their friends, their family members, their pet…

As in the previous case, you can adapt it to your brand or your products. Ask them to share a photo of the destination they love the most or the recipe that drives them crazy with love.

To participate, users will have to upload the photo to their profile and include the hashtag you choose to identify the action.

If, in addition to generating user generated content (UGC), you want to get leads, we recommend that you run your photo contest through a campaign with a registration form. This will allow you to enable a data form, which users will have to fill in to complete their participation. You will be able to allow users to upload their photos from their mobile or other devices, as well as to link their Instagram account and upload the photo from this social network.

3. Matching Cards game

Create a campaign based on the Matching Cards game in which users will have to look for card pairs. You can set up a game in which participants have to match pairs of celebrities, destinations and monuments, paintings and painters, writers and works…

Do you want to add some excitement to your game? Set a time limit to find the pairs. Only the fastest participants will be entered into your Valentine’s Day sweepstakes.

Valentine's Day game

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4. Valentine’s Day quizzes for die-hard romantics

Another entertaining and engaging mechanic is the personality quiz. Create your quiz and link it to a Valentine’s Day sweepstakes among users who are encouraged to complete it.

You can opt for the more classic Valentine’s Day quizzes, such as ‘How romantic are you?’ or ‘What would be your ideal date according to your personality?’. But since there is nothing more romantic than a movie kiss, you can also opt for a quiz about romantic movies or love songs.

And for the anti-Valentines, we also have ideas! You can set up a quiz in which you ask users about non-romantic anecdotes that happened on February 14th. To give you an idea, did you know that Dolly the sheep died on February 14th or that Al Capone carried out the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago? Or you can opt for a quiz on anti-Valentine’s Day movies or plans.

5. Valentine’s Day sweepstakes with instant prizes

On Valentine’s Day, everything turns pink and red. It’s time to share some love, prizes and discounts among followers and customers.

The Cupid’s Instant Win

One of the most popular dynamics that attracts the most participants is an Instant Win or ‘Scratch and Win’. This mechanic allows you to program prizes and select winners randomly and instantly. In this way, users know at the very moment they participate whether they are winners or not.

Your Valentine’s Day sweepstakes through Instant Win will also allow you to obtain leads from potential customers. To validate their participation, they will have to fill in a participation form.

Valentine’s Day Lucky Wheel

One of our favorites Valentine’s Day marketing ideas is to create a Lucky Wheel. Launch your Valentine’s Day sweepstakes based on a Lucky Roulette. You can distribute prizes and discounts among all the users who are encouraged to participate in your promotion. This way you will reach more users and generate branding.

You can also limit participation to those customers who have made a purchase. In this case, you will have to link your Lucky Wheel to a code validation campaign.

Tips for a successful Valentine’s Day campaign

  • Although currently, Instagram’s API does not allow you to collect data from Instagram Stories to carry out sweepstakes, you can take advantage of its pull among users. Encourage participants to share your Valentine’s Day sweepstakes and you’ll reach more users.
  • Choose engaging gifts. One of the keys to achieving a high participation rate is the prize. Choose a gift that appeals to your target audience and/or is related to your brand. Don’t forget that you are celebrating February 14th. You can double your prize.
  • Include a hashtag. Hashtags, in Twitter or Instagram, help users to find interesting content. It also makes it easier to measure and monitor your actions.
  • Encourage users to invite their friends to participate. This is one of the best ways to make your Valentine’s Day sweepstakes go viral. You can set up a secondary sweepstake among users who are encouraged to share their participation.

These are just marketing ideas you can implement for your Valentine’s Day sweepstakes. Do you have an idea in mind, but don’t know how to put it into practice? Write us at, and we will help you. This can be the beginning of a beautiful romance.

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