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Bestravel: “We’re a travel agency group, so we’re sharing dreams”

Bestravel y Samsonite

Bestravel y Samsonite

Bestravel launched a Facebook competition for 15 days called ‘Uma Mala Cheia de Sonhos‘ (A suitcase full of dreams) with only one question: “What are the holidays of your dreams?“. It was the first Bestravel contest with Cool Tabs and it got 3,109 entries! This is why we needed to know the reasons for its success so we made an interview with them and… Here are the answers!

Bestravel: Participations

Bestravel: Conversion

It was easy. Just that. Sometimes brands try to create challenges very complicated for the fans, we believe that easy it’s the best way to engage with them.

Rodolfo Cardoso, Marketing and Communciation – Bestravel

  • Broadly speaking, what do you think is the most important when generating content on social networks?
First, and most important, is to know your audience. Then you can create content according to them, of course you’ve to respect your brand and the way you communicate in the others plataforms. You’ve to create a persona for your brand, in that way it will be easier to you to generate content for your audience. The people will connect with you because of that “person”.
  • Attracting fans and loyalty is often a difficult task for most brands, could you tell us your secret to keep over 31,000 fans on Facebook?
We try to create and share content that is important to our audience. Of course we’re a travel agency group, so we’re sharing dreams, the people love to travel. When we create content we focus on the value that we’re sharing with them, it’s not all about the engage.
  • You have launched a competition that encourages creativity and has been widely accepted, being a dynamic which is a great involvement of participants, what do you think the keys to your success have been?
It was easy. Just that. Sometimes brands try to create challenges very complicated for the fans, we believe that easy it’s the best way to engage with them. Of course the prize is important, but we’ve made and easy contest in the first place.
  • Why did you choose that idea and dynamic to your competition?
We wanted to get more engage from our community and also get more people involved with us.
  • Could give us any advice to encourage fan participation in promotions and contests in social networks?
As we told before, keep it simple. It’s a widely known cliche in communication, but it fits perfectly here.
  • What methods do you usually use to spread your promotions and what you think are essential?
We promote our promotions and products through Facebook Ads and Email Marketing. Sometimes, as in these case, we try to engage more with our audience bring them close to us again, promoting some viral contests.
  • What would you highlight of Cool Tabs?
It’s an easy plataform to create contests. The way they support us, and the information we can get from the contests are very positive.
  • What is it that you have proved most useful of our platform?

The way that we can get immediately the results of the contests and the way we can prevent fraudulent participations was the most usefuls things for us.

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