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Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

For a few years now, consumers and brands have a November date in their calendar: Black Friday. This now-famous date, which is celebrated on the last Friday of the month, has become synonymous with shopping and the starting signal for the Christmas campaign. The significant discounts that this date brings are a great incentive to buy and increase your sales. Do you want your Black Friday 2020 campaign to be a success? Read on and find out which are the best Black Friday marketing ideas to attract customers and promote your products and offers.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Black Friday benefits for brands

Black Friday is not only synonymous with sales, it is also an opportunity to generate branding and dynamize your digital audience, either through social networks or from your website. Thus, launching a Black Friday campaign for your brand can bring you a lot of benefits.

Increase sales

This is the main objective, both at store and eCommerce. Thanks to online marketing campaigns, you can encourage the purchase and get the users to end up passing by the point of sale and finishing their purchase. A good way to test which of your products or services are the most desired, to determine your offers, is to implement previous surveys.

Get leads

These types of dates attract many consumers, who can become leads for potential clients. So, if your campaign involves data collection, you’ll get information to increase your contact database. Read on, because in the following section you will find detailed information about the best Black Friday marketing ideas to get leads.

Redirect traffic to your website or eCommerce

Advertise your offers is a good opportunity to invite consumers to discover more details about the product, as well as your brand, on your website. Besides, the implementation of marketing campaigns with interactive content has, indeed, as one of its objectives to redirect the user of social networks to a specific website.

Increase followers

Thanks to your Black Friday campaign, you can reach more users and impact your potential customers.  That can contribute to those users end up becoming followers of your brand on social networks.

Best Black Friday marketing ideas

1. Discount coupons

Knowing that Black Friday is the kickoff for the Christmas campaign and that  Cyber Monday is also around the corner, we have the perfect promo.

To give out coupons or discount codes can be a very good strategy for attracting users of social networks and new customers. They have an implicit calling effect. And they can enhance the buying impulse effect on commercial dates in which customers already know that discounts will be offered.

On one hand, you can give out discount codes to your followers on social networks through a simple form. In exchange to complete, for example, their name, surname, and email, they will receive a discount to redeem online or in the physical store.

Black Friday marketing ideas

And, on the other hand, you can choose to include a code in the purchase tickets. Those consumers who buy your products or services will take advantage of your promotions and Black Friday discounts. These customers must validate that code through an online promotion in social networks and can receive discounts for future purchases.

Tips for your Black Friday discount coupons promotions

  1. Customize the discount coupon you are going to distribute.
  2. Communicate your campaign in advance (but don’t be annoying).
  3. Your images and copies must be original.
  4. Be clear in the instructions!
  5. Plan the promotion of your offers.
  6. Distribute the codes in a simple way.
  7. Customize the validation section of the codes and coupons section.

2. Instant Win

And to attract followers in social networks and achieve the notoriety of your brand, we propose you one of our favorite Black Friday marketing ideas: an Instant Win.

In this type of scrape contest the participants know at the precise moment they participate if they have won or not. Besides, the fact of being able to continue participating in the different phases of Instant Win encourages users to keep trying. High participation is assured!

We advise you to link this type of dynamics with the give out of discount coupons to acquire your products and services. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to promoting your products or services during Black Friday.

3. Black Friday Spin & Win

Another classic online marketing campaign that we love: a Spin & Win. The approach is the same as in the previous case. The user accesses the campaign site, fills in the form fields and finds out instantly if he or she has won or not, as well as the type of prize.

We advise you to link this type of dynamics with the distribution of discount coupons to purchase your products and services. This way, you will be able to redirect the participants, after participating, to your store or eCommerce. This type of campaign also allows you to set up an emailing to users after they participate, reminding, for example, users who have been given a discount not to forget to use it.

You can also combine dynamics like an Instant Win or a Spin & Win with others that seek to increase sales, like code validation. This is a type of campaign that follows to get customer data and reward their loyalty.

4. Online games

The use of game-based mechanics as part of the marketing strategy is a perfect tool to promote products and save the distrust of branded content.

Accordingly, one of the best games that you can launch on your Black Friday is a Matching Cards game, as ‘The Price is Right’ game. Invite users to match products from your Black Friday offers with their prices. Only users who match the cards will enter a final draw. Besides, to encourage the purchase, you can give out all participants an extra discount.

Attract users, promote your products and generate branding with this online game.

5. Sweepstakes

Another Black Friday marketing idea that doesn’t fail: giveaways. We focus now on dynamics that will help you generate branding, engagement, attract new users and, most importantly, promote products and services in the face of Black Friday. Raffle gift cards and discounts. In this way, you will be ensuring that participants will end up passing through the store.

Some sweepstakes that work best are:

Instagram’s sweepstakes with mentions

The goal is to reach the biggest audience. Therefore, ask the participants to comment on a post, mentioning one or more friends. The ultimate in Instagram sweepstakes is to allow as many mentions as they want (one mention, one entry). Also, to increase your community, ask them to follow you. Note, though, that this is a condition you must check manually when you get a winner. The Instagram API does not allow for automated access to this information.

Twitter Sweepstakes

If you want to generate notoriety and make your brand reach more users, opt for a draw on Twitter. You can launch a sweepstake in which participants have to re-tweet your publication or comment on the publication, including a hashtag. Virality is guaranteed! And as in the previous case, ask them to have to become followers.

Tips for your Black Friday marketing campaign

Although the aim is to increase sales, there’re aspects that you should take special care of, so that the customers really enjoy these dates. Who knows, maybe they will repeat next year. So, pay special attention to these details:

  • Plan your campaigns. A successful marketing action doesn’t let space for improvisation.
  • Your online and offline campaigns must take the same direction. It’s very important to make them work together. Don’t forget to tell your employees about the promos you’re launching online, as they will manage the vouchers or coupons campaigns. These days, you’ll all work hard, but great rewards are waiting for you.
  • Make sure your website is ready. Online sales must be at the top of your agenda and on these dates, they will increase for sure.  This is why your website must be ready, both visually and functionally.
  • Show off your creativity before the Christmas campaign. Make the most out of these days and update your business. Make clear the promotions and discounts you’re going to offer. You’ll have time to put the Christmas tree after Black Friday!
  • Don’t overwhelm your users with information about Black Friday. Bet on smart and specific communications.
  • Make the most out of communication through social networks. Change your profile and cover pictures for this special occasion. You can also launch a promo and include it in your profiles.
  • If you want to communicate your different offers prepare a post with information about all of them.

There are many Black Friday marketing ideas, but the key lies in making it easy for the customers.

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