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How Can I Change the Name of My Facebook Page or Merge it into Another Page?

Merge two different fan pages

Merge two different fan pages

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about your Facebook business page but were afraid to ask

You are not the first person who creates a fan page for his/her brand or business and then decides to change its name. Nor are you the only person who created two fan pages with different objectives, which over time have come to share a common one, and you now find it too time-consuming to have to update two pages about the same thing. If you are one of those persons who change up their minds (just like we do!), here are some solutions for the changes you would like to implent on your page.

1. How can I change my fan page name?

If you have less than 200 fans:

Page admins and content designers can easily change the fan page name following these steps:

  • Click on “Edit page” on the top of the page and select the “Update page info” on the drop-down menu.

Edit page: Update Page Info

  • Click on “Edit” next to the name, change it and save the changes.

Click on 'Edit' next to the name, change it and save the changes

If you have over 200 fans:

You need to fill in a form to request a change of name. Therefore, for pages with over 200 fans, you need to follow the steps above and, instead of changing the name and saving changes, you need to click on “Request change”.

Fill in a form to request a change of name

When you change the name and click on “Request change“, a mechanised process will start. Depending on the reason for change (i.e. spelling mistake or a more significant change), it will take more or less time for Facebook to implement the change.

Complete the request to change the name of the fan page

Before you request the change, I suggest you take a little look at the Guidelines for Page names.

2. How do I merge two different fan pages that serve a single purpose?

If you are the page admin for two different pages, you can merge them into a single one, in case they serve the same purpose and have similar names. To do so, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Facebook page you want to keep and click on “Edit page”. Then, select “Edit settings” from the drop-down menu.

Edit page: Edit Settings

  • Choose the “Merge pages” option from the “Edit settings” menu.

Merge duplicate pages

  • Here you will be asked to either select a page to merge your other page into or to fill in a form (just like we explained earlier) to request the combination of your pages.

Request to merge duplicate Pages

  • In the second case, you will be asked to fill in the form and select the pages you want to merge and the page you want to keep.

Fill in the form to request to merge the duplicate Pages

What happens once you merge the two fan pages?

  • The ‘Likes’ and ‘check-ins’ will merge.
  • All other content in the page will be permanently deleted from the page you merge: this includes posts, pictures and username.
  • The content of the page you are keeping will remain the same (except for the increase in the number of  ‘Likes ‘ and ‘check-ins’ as a result of the combination).
  • The page you merge will be removed from Facebook and the change will be irreversible.
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  1. Do you have Facbook Busines Page?

    Trick to Change Facebook Fan Page Name second time after 200+.
    Facebook doesn’t allows to change the fan page name twice. If you are facing the same problem then this slideshare give you useful tip how to manage even after getting 200+ likes on it. My new Facebook trick you can do easily. Do not hesitate to contact with my if you have any question

  2. I have 2 Pages of different category and different names. Can I merge them.?

  3. Tim

    Can sum1 suggest which fb name i can give this site…

  4. Marishka-Kaye

    There was a page created on behalf of the company but NONE has access to it. I created a new one but I would like to merge the pages. How can I do that? Is there someone at Facebook I can contact?

  5. I have just merged my page


    facebook has approved my page name i have requested but url of page is not merged, when it will be show or not.

  6. How to merge two different name pages

  7. hi team,

    I have two different name of Facebook page how we can merge please help

    • Sara Mateos-Aparicio

      Hi! You have all the instructions, step by step, on our post. Regards.

  8. neha

    how can i change my fb pages name which serves diff purposes and merge to my original page

  9. Christine

    if I merged 2 business pages, would the campaigns move over too?

    • Sara Mateos-Aparicio

      Hi, Christine:
      All the content from the page you merge will be permanently deleted: posts, pictures, username and campaigns.
      Cool Tabs

  10. thank you,
    very helpful information

  11. Connie Small

    Thank you for the information. .
    Answered my questions.

  12. Saju Joseph Veeramana

    Have a query. Let’s say I have 2 pages with the name “page1” and “page2”. I want to retain the posts and others contents of page1 but get the likes of page2 into page1, so I merge page2 into page1. Now I want to rename page1 to page2? Can I do this?

  13. Jerin TJ

    We have two pages in the name of a church. But both names are different. Can we merge it into one account. If it possible how can we do it

  14. I have the exact same question.

  15. Matt

    My main facebook page has nearly 14k likes and I have another which represents the same thing with 4200 likes, I had to rename one of them and this was approved but I had to appeal a few times because the names were so different. One case was closed but another is still open.

    You appealed the name change of your page
    OPENCase #152333682243730

    When I go to merge the pages now it says this:

    These Pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge “ONE OF MY PAGE NAMES”. You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

    What is happening?


  16. Fabian

    I aslso have the same question ☝

  17. lenox

    i can’t rename my other page it says that i already have the name to other page that i manage. and it says that i still have merge pending.

  18. Hi ,

    I am looking to change the Page names who have Different names ??

    Please Guide me , As it is not allowing me to Merge, as it says Pages are not similar.

  19. indika

    After meging two pages. one name will be removed. then please tell me , is it possible any one to take the deleted name?

  20. Thanks for posting informative article but i am still facing issue i have two page with different page name but i want to merge them i know merging page not possible when they have different page but when i changed second page name same like first then fb showing you already have page with this name so how i will change name and merge it please tell me

  21. Becky Reynolds

    I requested a page’s name change 4 months ago and it is still pending. How long does the process usually take?

    • Carlos Luengo

      If you have followed the steps to request the change of name, it is normal that in 15 days you get a response. Try to see what appears to you, if you try again to request the change. If you no longer leave, then you will soon receive an answer, indicating whether they accept the change or not 🙂

      Greetings and good luck!

  22. Thanks for the help, still finding it difficult to merge my facebook pages tho

  23. hey. can I merge different name pages?

    • Betty Avanzini

      Yes, you may, but you’ll need to choose a generic name for the final page which results of the merging. You have all the instructions in our post. Thank you.

  24. Alma Rosa

    Hi, i would like to merge 2 pages. But how do i know which page’s content will be removed?

    • Betty Avanzini

      Hi Alma!

      The content from the page you merge will be removed.


  25. Alyssa

    I am trying to merge two pages because Facebook won’t allow me to change the name of our business, which has sold and now has a new name, but we want to keep the content and likes. So we have created a new page, with the new name.

    When I go to the merge feature it says

    Click the two pages that you would like to merge:
    [Choose A Page] [Choose A Page]

    Which page should go in which slot to make it so that the merged pages have the name of the new FB page?

    Thank you!

    • Betty Avanzini

      Hi Alysaa,

      To resolve this problem it’s better to contact Facebook, the support team will help you.

      Thanks for your comment!

  26. I have followed the instructions for merging pages but it defaults to keeping the page I care less about and losing content from the one I want to keep, it doesnt matter which page I start the process from or which I enter first in the [Choose A Page] [Choose A Page], How can I revese the page to keep vs delete?

    • Betty Avanzini

      Hi Nikki!

      If the instructions you’re following don’t work out properly, you can contact Facebook directly so they can resolve your problem.

      Thanks for your comment!

  27. GEN

    How about the messages in the old page can you transfer it if you merge into new page with the same name?

    • Betty Avanzini

      Hi Gen!

      If you merge two fan pages, the messages won’t be transferred.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  28. I keep receiving notification of content not found, explaining this link may be broken or expired or I don’t have permission too veiw this page when attempting to rename Facebook username, for linked Instagram buisness account

  29. raj

    thanx u so much for this information.. finally I got and resolved my problem..

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