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How can I create a competition with Referred Users?


Many of you may have already noticed that there has been some changes in Cool Tabs, but this has now been made official: the number of applications to create competitions and promotions has been reduced to 3. Now, only the Cool Promo series  are available, with the petit Cool Promo Lite, the popular Cool Promo, and its White Label version Cool Promo White Label.

Do you remember the Get Fans Promo and the Buzz Promo (and their white label versions)? Well, they no longer exist. They have been replaced with Cool Promo, and their white label versions have been replaced with Cool Promo White Label. So, if you are planning to create a competition with referred users or a score-based competition, you can use these applications, which offer many other options. The idea is that the dynamics of your competition are as customisable as possible, and that you are the one who choose how they look like. This is the main reason behind this change. We don’t really need a different application for each competition type, since the Cool Promo series allow you to create tailor-made campaigns. Check out the competition types available for your  promotion on social media.

Competition with referred users

As we have said earlier, these kinds of competitions can be created with a Cool Promo or a Cool Promo White Label (if you want to benefit from the advantages of white label). When you have chosen between these two applications,  you can start to set up your competition with referred users.

6 steps to create your own competition with referred users:

1. Choose the type of promotion you want to run.

In this case: Facebook promotion.

Choose the type of promotion you want to run: Facebook promotion

2. Fill in the relevant sections in the form, as you would do in any other form, in order to set up the promotion. These include the basic details of your campaign (campaign name, tab name, etc.). In the ‘Contest description‘ field, you can start to give details regarding the dynamics of your competition.

Competition with referred users: Contest description


If you don’t want to include this information in the ‘Contest description’ section, you can also use the promotion main image field to explain what the competition is about. You will find this field on the following section, ‘Promotion Design’. It is important to be a perfectionist when it comes to choosing the main campaign picture, as well as the image and wording to be displayed after each participation since, in this case, fans who take part in the campaign will then have to find referred users, so you need to make the most of these two fields to encourage them to keep participating in the competition.

Image and wording to be displayed after each participation

If you have any question on how to fill in the various sections, we suggest you take a look at the Cool Promo tutorial. Here you will find information about every field and instructions on how to fill them in.

3. Set up the promo dates.

As in any other campaign, you need to include information about the duration of your promotion and the deadline for participation (sections 3 and 4 of the settings form). In the ‘Participation dates and configuration’, enable public participation if you want users to view a list of the participants and a ranking arranged according to the number of referred users they have brought to the promo.

Enable public participation

In this section, you will also be asked to make all the necessary decisions regarding anti-fraud control for participation. We recommend you enable the option to ask users to become fans of the page before participating, so as to drive new users to your fan page.

4. Twitter Integration.

When section 4 is completed, if you want your promo to have the format of a competition with referred users, you may skip the next sections and go straight to section number 12, since there is no need for you to enable voting or use any of the other sections before number 12. However, we do advice you to go through all of them to make sure that there is nothing else you would like to include in your promo. For example, you may want that, in your customised competition, users include any other details in the participation form (name, surname and email address will always be asked by default), or maybe you want to reward users for taking viral actions (Section 6. Virality score). If this is not the case, you may want to move on to ‘Twitter Integration‘, in case you wish the twitter button to appear on your campaign’s home page. We suggest you enable this section, as it would mean having one more channel for spreading the word about your promo.

In this section, you only have to include the tweet you would like users to post in order to spread the word of the competition on Twitter, and the Twitter account you want to link the generated tweets to.

Include the tweet you would like users to post in order to spread the word of the competition on Twitter

5. Make your fans become customers with Xeerpa.

If you have gone for a Cool Promo White Label, you can now try the 30-day free trial of Xeerpa’s Express plan and gather even more information about your fans. To do so, enable the relevant option in section 13.

6. Additional data.

In this last section, you can decide whether or not you want to enable comments in your campaign, send an email to participants to encourage them to attract referred users, enable posts on user walls or the share pop-up after user participation. You can also set up the title and wording which will display when users share the competition or their own contributions (participation).  This last bit is particularly important in this type of competition given that it allows you to attract referred users and participants to the competition.

Enable share in wall

When you have filled all the various sections, you will be able to preview the competition, post it on your wall or and activate it. As simple as that. Your competition with referred users will be up and running!

Fans who participate in the competition will get a  window similar to the one below. Users simply need to click on “View participation” in the campaign’s home page to be able to see the number of referred users they have managed to drive to the competition:

Number of Referred Users

Moreover, if a participant wants to know his/her position in the ranking, s/he can access this information by clicking on ‘View participations” and arranging them according to the number of referred users obtained.

View entries according to the number of referred users obtained

For all the details about this type of competition, please take a look at our Referred users competition demo.

If you have understood everything and don’t have any questions, start creating a competition with referred users now with Cool Tabs.

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