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Domino’s Pizza Case Study: How to Run a Successful Campaign

Domino's Pizza

The hospitality industry has adapted to the new digital marketing trends. Gamification campaigns and contests have become, for many companies, the perfect way to achieve their goals. That’s the case of Domino’s Pizza, which bets on Instagram as the perfect social network for launching campaigns to promote new products, as well as get new users and generate loyalty. That’s what the promotion “Sorteo 1000 pizzas (1000 pizzas Draw) was about.

Domino's Pizza

Case Study: Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza decided to combine two types of mechanics in a single action: a draw launched on Instagram with a coupon codes promotion.

We speak with Cristina Carricajo, Social Media Strategist in Gray, the agency in charge of Domino’s Pizza’s actions on Social Media in Spain.  In this case, the agency wanted to promote the new product of Domino’s Pizza: the American Legends, three pizzas with 100% American recipes.

“We needed to do something very noticeable on social networks with a triple objective: to get people to know and try these new pizzas, and to take advantage of this action to generate growth on our social channels”, Carricajo explains.

Although they had other ideas in mind, they opted for this proposal considering that it was the one that best suited these objectives.

The mechanics and the prize

Users really enjoyed the campaign: 34.400 people participated in the draw on Instagram through two different posts on Instagram. Besides, over 16.000 new users started to follow the brand on this social network.  There were 334 winners of 1002 American Legends Pizzas (Texas BBQ Crispy, Buffalo Chicken y Kansas Pulled Beef) for free.

These are the steps that the participants needed to follow:

  1. Participate in the Instagram draw. 
  2. Register in the promotion with their Instagram profile.
  3. If they had won, they received three coupon codes to exchange for pizzas.
  4. Which they could obtain on Domino’s website when introducing the right code. 

According to Cristina Carricajo, the two main goals they achieved with the campaign were: “our users’ feedback, as well as the increase in followers“. The prize was also very important. Besides, to spread the action: “we created two videos that users had to comment in order to participate. We also created ads on Social Paid Media”, Carricajo says.

Domino's Pizza

Quality content and contests: Domino’s Pizza strategy on social networks

To attract new followers on social networks, they usually carry out actions such as sweepstakes and contests. However, “we like to go a step further, and always intend to post quality and fun content so that people who start following us keep doing it because they like what we do. Sweepstakes and contests are the first impacts when it comes to increasing our community, but you need a content strategy to generate engagement with the target audience “.

To combine the sweepstakes with a good inbound marketing strategy: “we create content that generates engagement with our community every month and we usually link it with a prize or gift. People love free pizzas “, Cristina Carricajo explains.

Domino's Pizza

Create content for your community and buyer personas

The key is to always create content related to your community and buyers. Since Domino’s Pizza began to launch such actions on social networks, the evolution has been clear. What works best for the chain is usually instant content related to the community. “We like contents that do not take a lot of time or effort, but, on the contrary, we are always looking for fast results and additional fun. The prize is always a plus for increasing the participation “, Cristina Carricajo says.

Of course, Carricajo also warns us not to abuse this type of actions: “there are many users who participate in these promotions, but it is also true a lot of brands are launching this kind of actions, which also causes rejection.”

How are these campaigns created? Art-profiles and copywriters are combined with the aim of creating eye-catching content. The advantages of these actions compared to traditional advertising are clear for the brand: “control of the campaigns, exhaustive segmentation of the audience and direct connection with our target. On social media campaigns, we have instant feedback. This is totally impossible in traditional advertising. ”

Keys to the Domino’s Pizza Case Study 

  • Include your campaigns and sweepstakes in your inbound strategy. Attract new followers to your social networks and generate their loyalty as well. To do so, it is essential to post attractive and entertaining content. In addition, create Call To Action so they purchase your products and services.
  • Be simple. The conversion rate will increase if you carry out simple, fast and fun actions. If users have to make a lot of effort, they won’t participate, even if the prize is great.
  • Plan your objectives and follow your strategy. Take into account your online marketing strategy, as well as the objectives you want to achieve with each of your actions before conceptualizing and launching them. Measuring the results is also essential.
  • Listen to your users. Their feedback will help you to change your actions and direct them in a more accurate way. You will also have a direct opinion on, for example, the products that you draw.

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