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Celebrate Gay Pride On Social Media


Summer is a season when Gay Pride is specially celebrated all around the world. Gay Pride celebrations and parties generate an important economic impact which, besides its vindictive motive, get many gay-friendly companies to celebrate it on Social Media. This way, companies make visible the LGTBQ movement and foster tolerance. Promotions and contests are a great way to approach a very attractive type of consumers.


If your brand values are in favor of the LGTBQ community, don´t miss out the opportunity to join Gay Pride celebrations. Depending on your objectives, you´ll be able to, for instance, get qualified leads or increase your number of followers on Social Media. Here you have some good ideas to succeed through your campaigns, promotions, and contests on social networks.

Ideas for your Gay Pride promotions and contests

Create a quiz to get qualified leads

With a campaign which includes an opinion survey or quiz, you can obtain the participants’ data that you ask for. For example, one of the actions you can launch is a fun quiz with a topic such as “Who is your LGTBQ icon?”.

We recommend you not to ask for a lot of data, as the probabilities that the users complete the quiz will reduce. Also, try your test to include attractive questions. Otherwise, participants may not answer all of them and your conversion will be less than the expected.

Take a look at this fun quiz, in which participants will find out their perfect companion for the Gay Pride celebrations. 

Paths Questionary for gamification

A campaign “Choose your own adventure” style is one of the most fun dynamics. Depending on the path users choose, the rest of the questions will be different. Therefore, they will participate several times in order to discover different results, share and compare them with their friends.

For example, you can create a paths questionary with this main theme: “How will your Gay Pride celebrations end this year?”. 

Instagram Sweepstake to increase your number of followers

If your main objective is to increase your number of followers on Social Media, the best way is to create a simple dynamic on Instagram. Here are some ideas:

  • Sweepstake based on photos: Although videos are becoming very important on Instagram, the photograph is still the queen. You can organize a sweepstake in which the participants need to upload a picture celebrating Gay Pride. Also, don’t forget to create a hashtag so the sweepstake goes viral.
  • Sweepstake based on comments. Another simple dynamic consist on posting a picture on Instagram where participants should leave a comment telling the thing or person they feel most proud about (if they talk about a person, they can mention him or her).When thinking about your direct sweepstake on Instagram, keep in mind that lasts changes on Facebook’s API make it impossible to check automatically if a participant follows your profile. To get your giveaway to reach more followers, that may be your potential clients, ask them to mention one or more friends to be able to win the prize.

Twitter Sweepstake based on retweets

If you rather launch your promotion on Twitter, ask the participants to retweet one of your posts and to follow your Twitter account as well. Thanks to this dynamic, you’ll be able to increase your number of followers, as well as your reach.

Facebook Sweepstakes based on likes (or other reactions)

Facebook is still the social network with the largest number of users and, although many users and brands now prefer Instagram, launching a direct sweepstake on Facebook will for sure help us to obtain great results and increase our engagement. 

A good idea is to carry out a sweepstake based on likes or reactions, in which users must answer with one of them to one of your posts. Another option is to create a comments giveaway in which you ask the participants, for instance, what’s their favorite aspect regarding Gay Pride celebrations, how will they celebrate it this year or something more vindictive, like why they think that celebrating Gay Pride is necessary.

Don’t forget that Facebook doesn’t allow to ask participants to like your profile or share the sweepstake. You always can, nevertheless, suggest it. 

Discount coupons campaign to increase fidelity

Your clients will always appreciate a discount when purchasing your products or services or a gift or any other reward for doing it. Make the most out of the Gay Pride celebrations and launch a special discount. 

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