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A change of look for Facebook Pages

A Change of Look for Facebook Pages

A Change of Look for Facebook Pages

Facebook announced a new look for fan pages on desktop. The new fan page looks pretty much like the mobile version of business pages in this social network. According to Facebook, the idea behind this change is to make it easier for people to find the information they want about a brand, while simultaneously giving page admins better access to the tools they need. How different is this new look and how does it impact on promos, competitions and other fan page applications?  What follows is a detailed description of the changes.

Differences between the old look and the new look for fan pages

Timeline of the new look 1. One-column timeline design

All page’s posts will be displayed once again in a single column, just like it happens in people profiles. The right-side column will now display all your page’s posts, while the left-side one will feature information about your business, including your phone number, website URL, a map, your hours of business, photos, and videos.

2. Easier access to administration tools and more visible information about user interaction

Notifications: This weekThe new design makes it easier to access user interaction with the fan page, including activity notifications, likes, and unread messages, since they are all basic navigation options. Moreover, on the right-hand side of the page you will find a brief summary of the page’s week activity, including information about the Facebook Ads you are running, total “Likes” on your page, Post Reach, and notifications.

New Insights3. Comparing businesses in Facebook Insights

Many fan pages already feature this option, but what is really new here is the fact of opening up to all admins a feature which allows them to add any competitor’s fan pages to their Facebook Insights, so that they can compare the performance of their Facebook page with that of the businesses they compete with. In this way, on the Overview tab of your Facebook Insights, you will see some key stats, such as ‘total page likes’, ‘new likes‘, number of posts, and engagement  from the fan pages you have added. This is how you will easily monitor your competitor’s performance.

How does the new design impact on applications, promos and contests?

As you can see on this post’s images, navigation will no longer be tab-based. This means that the applications installed on a business page will now be located under “More”, as it so happens in people profiles on Facebook.

Applications: Option 'More'

Does this mean that campaigns will become less visible?

The answer is a big fat NO, since users don’t really use these tabs to access fan page’s promos and contests. Actually, these tabs are not available on mobile and yet, campaigns are registering more and more activity and participations from these devices. 50% of users accessed our campaigns from a mobile phone or tablet during the last month, and this proporsiton is increasing.

How do users typically access promos and competitions?

  • Through a link on business walls, since they don’t usually access fan pages directly, but through updates on their own timelines.
  • Through invitations to participate sent by friends.
  • Thanks to Facebook Ads.
  • Through a newsletter or wall post used to promote the campaign.
  • Through the various channels used by the brand to promote the contest.
  • Through other social media.

All in all, we can say that the new design will have a positive impact on the brand’s image, since its contact details and posts are placed at the heart of the page. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that promotions are being sidelined, as only direct access to them from tabs is removed. This is why it is more important than ever to spread our promos and competitions through our own fan page and social media, using referred users competitions or score-based competitions to encourage users to share them, while simultaneously consider the use of other channels, such as Facebook Ads, Youtube videos, our newsletter, etc. to generate interest in our promotion.

Our recommendation: For us, the best thing to do is to create a customised link campaign in order to know which sources drive the most visits and participants and use them accordingly. You also need to monitor your audience. The better you know users, the easier you reach them.

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