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10 Successful Ideas for Your Christmas Campaign: Contests and Promotions That Work

Have you already think about a Christmas promotion or contest? December’s almost here and the Christmas lights are in the streets waiting to be lighted. You know what time is it?  Time to plan your Christmas campaign!

The last month of the year is one of the key periods in the brand’s annual turnover. So it’s not surprising that many of them launch Christmas campaigns and promotions that contribute to boosting their sales. And your brand can’t be an exception!

Shopping, Christmas decorations, family reunions, and holiday feasts can be the guiding thread of your actions. Down below,  you have 10 ideas for Christmas that will help your brand succeed. Are you ready to share the Christmas spirit?

Christmas campaigns: ideas for christmas

Christmas contests and ideas for your Christmas Campaign

There are many campaigns that are launched in this festive time of year. And, although standing out can be complicated, it is not impossible!

1. Your Advent Calendar with Instant Win

One of the Christmas contests that you can find on social media (and that is very trendy) is the classic Advent Calendar. A great option to celebrate with your community and entertain the wait until December 24th.

Preparing this type of campaign is very simple thanks to Instant Win. Give out different prizes among the contestants at random when they validate their participation.

Easiness to participate and share the contest will be some of the keys to reaching your objectives.

These types of campaigns are the perfect excuse to deploy all your creativity and Streamline your Instagram profiles. Make a publication a day with the countdown and let Christmas invade your brand profile.

Your users will be expectant! Also, if you work with a partner, it’s a great way to collaborate.

Try our Advent Calendar demo. If you like it, you can use our template and adapt it to your Christmas contests.

2. Christmas Spin & Win

Another Christmas Campaign is an online lucky wheel. This campaign has a form of participation similar to the Advent Calendar. The instant win prizes are programmed and the option to win is conditioned to participate at the exact time in which the prizes are configured.

You can also include the validation of a purchase code. The lucky wheel will be activated when the user fills out the personal data form, enters the code obtained, for example, with their purchase, and validates it.

Check our Christmas Spin & Win demo.

3. Christmas photo contest

Snapshots are a very important part of Christmas: family photos, photos of decorations full of tinsel, special places that recreate the Christmas spirit…

There is enough material to be part of Christmas photography contests. All you need to specify to the participants is what your photo contest will consist of and propose a good price.

Since Christmas has several milestones (Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Three Wise Men…), if you have a community of “photographers” you can propose a photographic gymkhana. And if you want to give a fun touch to your Christmas campaign, launch an Ugly Christmas Sweaters contest.

One of the characteristics of this type of contest is that it favors collaborative content. Discover all the characteristics of this campaign.

4. Discount codes or coupons to boost Christmas sales

Providing codes or discount coupons is a good way to encourage purchases (even more) on these dates. Both dynamics will help you to promote products to your potential customers, in addition to gaining loyalty from your regular customers.

You can distribute codes among customers who buy a product or service so that they opt for the prizes you draw. The clients that get the code will have to validate it in your campaign, accessing the minisite where you post your Christmas promotions.

Another option is to deliver a coupon with a code that customers should use in your physical or online store. You can draw a specific gift, a surprise or a discount.

If you want to increase sales or get new customers this type of campaign is perfect.

5. Christmas quiz

Another hit of the Christmas contests is to create a quiz. Check the knowledge of your followers about Christmas movies, traditions or find out if they are more of Santa Claus or of the Three Wise Men.

Through the answers, you can find out more about the tastes of your fans. So you can find out which of your products or Christmas promotions they like most with a question like: “Which of your products would you like to find in your shoes or in your red socks? ”

Prepare a fun quiz with entertaining questions and short and original answers. And don’t forget that the prize will be the main reason for them to participate.

6. Voting contest: Christmas wishlist

Do you plan to launch new products or Christmas promotions? Then we suggest you opt for this type of Christmas contest.

Organizing a ‘Choose your favorite‘ contest involves simple mechanics for your Christmas campaign. Participants will only have to vote for their promotions Preferred Christmas, for the product of your store that they would like to receive for Christmas, for your favorite showcase or decoration, etc.  One of the most attractive options is to create a voting contest as a Christmas wishlist.

To encourage and reward their participation we recommend you to associate it with a draw, either among those who have chosen the most voted option or among all the participants.

7. Christmas Memory Card Game

Do you want to give your Christmas contests a playful look&feel? Then choose gamification campaigns, like the classic Memory Card game. Test your audience’s memory. Challenge them to find all the pairs of cards.

Give a Christmas touch to the game. Hide images of your Christmas special edition products in the cards. For example, in the hospitality sector, drinks or plates of season; in tourism, Christmas destinations. All the participants who pass the game will enter in a final draw.

Marketing actions based on games are well received by users. Therefore, they are perfect to generate branding. In addition, it is a perfect way to dynamize online audiences and generate engagement.

giveaways contests

8. Christmas text contest

Bet on creativity and writing in your Christmas contest. Use Traditional storytelling contests, they never fail. What would be of this era without a Spirit of Christmas or without reading a story about a special guest at Christmas dinner?

If you have a creative community, they will send you great stories. But if you like the idea of a text contest but it does not fit with your community adapt it !. We know that Food is a classic of these parties. Why not ask your community for the starring recipe of this Christmas? Surely your mouth is watering.

9. Social Media Sweepstakes

If there’s one time of year to spread joy among your fans… It’s Christmas! That’s why another idea for Christmas that you won’t miss is to launch sweepstakes on your social networks.

Choose a fun theme and an attractive prize. If you want to do something big, choose a multi-platform draw.

Each platform has its own rules regarding promotions and sweepstakes, so not all dynamics are valid. Here are the dynamic stars of the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter sweepstakes.

Instagram Sweepstake

If you want to get reach, increase your followers and generate engagement, here are two dynamics that work:

  • Comment and/or mention one or more friends + follow the account.
  • Upload a publication + add a hashtag

Christmas Campaign

Facebook Sweepstake

Opt for Facebook sweepstakes where you have to:

  • Give a like and/or comment on the publication, using the hashtag of your campaign.

Twitter Sweepstakes

Give a fun touch to your draw by asking participants to tell you a funny story: the most disastrous family Christmas dinner they’ve ever had, the ugliest gift they’ve ever been given and never worn, etc.

  • Follow the brand account + comment using a specific hashtag.
  • Follow the brand account + retweet the publication.

10. Project your promotion in your event or store through a Social Wall

Another of the classic elements of these dates are events of all kinds. And we have ideas to energize them and start your Christmas campaign.

Do you know what the Social Walls are? They are screens that are projected in an event, store, restaurant, gym … the content generated by the users around a certain theme in social networks.

If you are organizing an event for these dates or conducting campaigns and Christmas contests in your business, take the opportunity to show the content made by users or their participation in the draw.

To illustrate these are some ideas you can apply:

  • Organize a Christmas contest based on photos and show on your Social Wall the images in which, for example, your users disguise themselves as Santa Claus.
  • If you prepare a voting contest you can show a ranking of the most voted in your Social Wall.
  • Take advantage of the Social Wall to prepare a hashtags contest, encouraging users to comment using a specific label that you choose for your Christmas promotion.

You will be able to moderate the content that you want to appear and the one that you don’t.

You will increase the engagement of your users and encourage them, as well as other potential customers, to generate even more content, since many of them will expect to see their photo or publication on the screen.

The plus? If you run a campaign in collaboration with influencers, a Social Wall is an excellent option to show your campaign and the actions that your brand ambassadors are making.

You put the originality. But surely your Christmas campaign will be a success!

Tips for successful Christmas Campaign

There’re many types of contests you can make this Christmas. Before you start to think about your campaign check out these tips:

  • First of all, define the objectives of your campaign and conceptualize your campaign depending on them.
  • Check out your lasts promos to detect mistakes.
  • Make expectations on your social profiles and website.
  • Let Christmas invade your social network. It time to turn on the lights.
  • Prepare clear legal bases and be careful about the requirements for participation.
  • Reward participants with a cool prize, it’s Christmas!. Choose one according to the requirements for participating.
  • Making a voting contest will allow you to win news followers in an easy way.
  • Choose an easy promo so the participants do not doubt about participating.

Do you already choose your promo? It’s time to work on your Christmas promo. When you want to realize Christmas light will be lighting on the streets.

Create your Christmas campaign, a Christmas giveaway or monitor your brand 7 days for free, with our free trial >>


  1. With so many goals in mind, how do you keep things light and cool? Crello has you covered. All you need is a few really good ideas. This involves a brainstorm session with your team about campaigns that are within your timeframe and your budget, looking at some examples of best social media campaigns for the holidays, and here we are with just 5 simple (but also brilliant) Christmas social media campaign ideas!

    • Ana Alonso García

      A Christmas marketing campaign is perfect to give the last push to annual sales.
      Thanks for reading us!

  2. Christmas calendars! Who wouldn t love them, right? Holiday season s a great time to create a calendar of daily promotional offers. As people know that each offer only stands for one day, they ll act quickly to get it. If you don t have 24 different offers for a holiday countdown campaign, offer a bargain each week-end.

    • Ana Alonso García

      Pre-Christmas or Christmas campaigns and promotions are an opportunity that brands should not miss. Thank you for your comment!

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