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A competition exclusively for customers and with a prize related to their interests: 98 tickets to a Metallica concert

Virgin Mobile Colombia

Virgin Mobile LogoVirgin Mobile Colombia created a competition exclusively for customers that had been with the company for more than six months with the idea of generating engagementbetween them and the brand. The prize was very appealing and closely related to music, the sector that the Virgin brand is best known for: 98 tickets to a Metallica concert for fans that uploaded the most original photos, showing that they were the biggest fans of the band. The response from Virgin Mobile customers was swift and activity throughout the 15-day competition period was constant: 260 entries and 3,932 fans gained in a promotion exclusively for customers.

We spoke with Felipe Martínez, Marketing Communications Manager for Virgin Mobile Colombia, who told us about the social network strategies used for promoting customer loyalty.

Felipe, what do you think has been the key to your success on Facebook?

We believe that one of the keys is being consistent about what we are looking for in Colombia. Beyond designing strategies to gain and “retain” our followers, we are committed to being truthful with what we say, however difficult that truth may be to say. We’re not scared of making mistakes and when these happen, we are ready to acknowledge and rectify them. We behave like any consumer and that is how we express ourselves, which creates a certain degree of transparency and closeness with our followers. We are very happy with the feedback we’ve been getting.

We talk in the same way as our followers do, maintaining respect for whoever is on the other side of the screen. We understand that Facebook has specific features that allow us to provide a service that goes beyond merely building a brand.

Cool Tabs: A straightforward, robust, functional and, above all, reliable package. In record time, it allowed us to move forward with our strategy, building trust and protecting users’ interests.

Felipe Martínez, Marketing Communications Manager for Virgin Mobile Colombia

Virgin Mobile ColombiaCould you tell us whether you follow any specific strategy to earn your fans’ loyalty, in addition to being close to them and transparent in your actions?

We have focused on understanding and identifying the different profiles of our fans, understanding their needs and responding and interacting in a way that is a long way from robotically following a script. The contents generate interaction in both directions. We look to generate conversations based on users’ tastes and interests and talk with them while always being respectful, tolerant and understanding of differences.  We are all about peace and love, good vibes and nothing more than that.

We highlight the service that we provide as something that brings added value. This is how we make our voice heard, so much so that our fans have also taken the role of spokespersons and an ever-stronger community has been created with the help of their knowledge.

What would you highlight about the draw that you carried out for the Metallica concert tickets?

Undoubtedly, people’s participation. We wanted to give something back to our users for their loyalty and also reward them by asking them to do something fun. In return, they got the chance to win a ticket for one of the biggest and most anticipated concerts of the year.

Could you briefly tell us how you think Cool Tabs’ services have helped you?

The network is designed to work together as a team and find support when needed. In this vein, Cool Tabs came at the right time: a straightforward, robust, functional and, above all, reliable package. In record time, it allowed us to move forward with our strategy, building trust and protecting users’ interests.

What would you highlight about Cool Tabs?

The ease and speed with which it adapted to our needs. An immediate response to what we were looking for.

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