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Cool Stats: Pages and Promos’ Statistics and Performance

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In Cool Tabs we have realized that it is important for you to know the performance of your Facebook pages and whether or not your promotions are being as successful as you expect them to be. This is why we have created Cool Stats, a very visual statistics panel, featuring all details relevant to the performance of your page.

Who can access Cool Stats?

  • The users of our Dimond and Gold Plans: These users will be able to access Cool Stats and see the “Likes” progress of all your pages.
  • The users who have used our applications Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label: Cool Tabs will monitor the progress of the page where the promotion is integrated for the whole duration of the promo.

Which details are provided?

General statistics about a particular page:

  • The global progress of “Likes” achieved by a particular page (data available from October the 17th 2012).
  • The daily increase of fans of a page.
  • Date filter for the details above: Specific periods of time can be analysed.
  • Number of fans attracted over a given period of time.
  • Audience built over a given period of time.

The global progress of “Likes

  • Moreover, you can filter these details and access information about a particular post/tab only. This can be seen at the bottom. This option will allow you to analyse the progress of your page from the specific date when something in particular was posted:

Filter details and access information about a particular post/tab only

How can you access the General Statistics?

How can you access?

Statistics of a promo or contest:

Besides the details mentioned above, information on the following variables will also be available:

  • Average number of fans of your page obtained per day
  • Total participations: Overall number of participations in the promotion.
  • Participations from new fans: Total number of users participating in the promotion who previously had to click on “like” in order to participate, that is, users who were not fans of your page before participating.
  • Total votes: Total number of votes in the promotion.
  • Votes from new fans: Total number of votes in the promotion from users who had to click on “like” before voting, as they were not fans of the page before.

Boxes with data for each variable

  • Fans driven to the page as a direct result of the promotion“ graph

Shows the increase in the number of fans of the page as a direct result of the promo: The graph adds up the number of new fans obtained thanks to participation and voting, and shows the daily progress based on four global details:

– Participations: Daily number of participations in the promotion.
– Number of fans obtained with participations: The number of new fans obtained by the page thanks to users “liking” the page before participating.
– Votes: Total number of votes in the promotion per day.
– Fans obtained thanks to votes: Number of new fans driven to the page thanks to users “liking” the page before voting for a particular contribution.

Fans of the page as a direct result of the promoThis graph allows you to access detailed information about specific days thanks to the tooltip or dates filter, which is also available here and works in exactly the same way as in the general statistics:

Tooltip or dates filter

Moreover, if you click on any of the four variables, you will see a separate graph for each of them. You only need to click on “Reset”, on the original graph.

You will see a separate graph for each of variable

  • Another piece of information that will be available to you is the number of referred users.

Information on the referred users is only available for promos Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label. It shows the number of unique users referred to the promo thanks to participants’ viral activities: Wall posts, tweets or invitations.

The conversion rate provides the promotion of unique users that have been referred, and have then ended up participating or voting in the campaign.

Total referred unique users: Total number of users that have reached the promotion thanks to participants’ viral activities (mentioned above).
Referred users who have participated or voted: Users who have been referred to the promotion and have then participated or voted.

Referred users

How do I access the Statistics for a promo or contest?

  • If you access the list of participants in a promo, you will see a link to “View general statistics”.

General Statistics

  • From the page’s general statistics panel, provided that the selected content of your list is a promos and contests application, you will be able to see the details of your campaign’s statistics (data gathered from November the 20th 2012).

Campaign's statistics from the page's general statistics panel

If you have any question about how to access Cool Stats, or about the details provided by it, you can contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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