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Cool Tabs gives you a URL for your campaign and you tell us where to link it to

Choose your campaign's URL to be directed to

Choose your campaign's URL to be directed to

We can’t stop publishing news about our innovative developments! The latest is about links for your campaigns. We have always provided you with a URL for your campaign which always directed users to your Facebook tab if it was a competition or promotion on Facebook, or to a microsite when the campaign was on another social network like Twitter or Instagram, or if browsing from a mobile device. However, we thought that you would maybe prefer to direct your campaign’s URL to another site, for example, to your website, if you have included your promotion, competition or survey on your website. This way you will direct participants directly to your website without them having to go via an intermediate landing page.

How does it work?

You only need to let us know where you want your campaign’s URL to be directed to in the Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label setup page in the “Basic information” section. Your campaign’s URL will take your visitors to wherever you tell us. 


If you do not choose any of the options then the URL will direct users to the microsite by default, because all competitions and promotions that you create with Cool Tabs comes with their own microsite, but it will not necessarily be on a Facebook tab.

This is how the URL that we give to you will go to your website. For example, this URL takes you to Cool Tabs directs the user to which is where we have included one of our demo questionnaires. We only had to enter the URL for our blog as the external URL in “destination URL“.

Advantages of choosing the your campaign’s destination URL

Choosing the microsite option can give you the following benefits:

  1. Create a separate campaign with your branding: You can fully customise your promotion, competition, prize draw or questionnaire and keep it independent from the rest of the media that you manage so that you can publicise the new microsite across them all.
  2. You also can have your campaign published on a Facebook tab and/or on your website: You are simply choosing to direct most of your traffic to your new campaign’s microsite.
  3. Ideal for brand lead generation campaigns that can bring a different ‘look and feel’ to that of your website.

If you choose the Facebook tab option, the advantages are as follows:

  1. Create a campaign for Facebook users without them leaving the social network: This is the best option if your primary objective is to attract and retain users on this social network.
  2. Your campaign will also be available on your microsite for those users accessing it via a mobile device.
  3. You can also include it in your blog or website to direct traffic from different media to your Facebook page.

If you choose the external URL option because you have included your campaign on your website/blog, you can get the following benefits:

  1. Having your campaign posted on Facebook, but directing most of your visits to your website: You can post your campaign on Facebook for followers of your fan page, but direct the general traffic to your website. This allows you to use all of the media that you manage, but to choose your website as the destination for most of your visits.
  2. Direct access to your website or blog without going through an intermediate page.
  3. Visitors to your website that have come because of the new campaign that you have included: That means you should have your website as updated and prepared as possible for the visits
  4. Increased social traffic on your website: They are users that are accessing your website to take part in your campaign, therefore, they are social network users that, if they take part, will allow you to generate new leads.
  5. More possibility of conversion into customers: Users are already on your website, you just have to make them feel attracted to the campaign, but also to your shopping cart.

We hope this new option will be useful and that you make the most of it. It is available for Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label.

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