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Cool Tabs release new design, new plans, new conditions … Everything!

New home - Cool Tabs

New home - Cool Tabs

Cool Tabs platform has digivolved! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our child has matured and mutated into something new and superior. Gone are the hot blue and garnet days and the pricing plans with limitations. Now everything is much easier and nicer, of course. Cool Tabs has become Your Social Media Marketing platfom, as finally you have one place for all. With us you can create campaigns, monitor them and export the data you get to your CRM for future marketing actions. Nothing will be what it was!

Let’s check which fields has been carried through the metamorphosis of Cool Tabs:

1. New pricing plans.

Gone are plans focused only on content tabs for fan pages! Now our plans have everything so you can enjoy the different options we offer according to your business needs. Therefore, our three new plans allow use unlimited apps to customize your fan page for all Facebook pages you manage and there is no limit fans.

Furthermore, these plans have new names and with them you can create all the campaigns you need with the application for each one of them. Here are their names, do not forget:

Prices -euros- of monthly plans

You have the option to pay in euros or dollars:

Prices - dollars - Monthly plans

  • Stone Plan: Besides all the above, with this plan you can launch all promotions and contests you want using our Cool Promo Lite application and receiving, when needed, our standard support. Its monthly price is 40 € and is best suited for social media professionals or small agencies. It provides a report of the participants in the campaigns, but do not have access to the monitoring of them, nor all of the data recorded in our Cool Stats 3.0 Essentials.
  • Gold Plan: It is already the most popular of the three, as it is the intermediate alternative, ideal for marketing or social media agencies which are not interested in publishing in White Label mode. It has all the above features and allows unlimited publishing promotions and contests using Cool Promo application. Its monthly price is 200 € and with it we offer prioritary support. You will also have access to our detailed statistics.
  • Diamond Plan: Our crown jewel, suitable for social media agencies and brands to manage their own online presence and require White Label  for all applications, both promotions and contests as those selected to customize fan pages. It is the only plan that allows multi-user management so that all workers in the same enterprise can access all content created by logging on our platform. As with the previous two plans, you can create unlimited campaigns, but in this case your application for promotions and contests will be Cool Promo White Label, which allows you to set up any type of contest in white label version, ie without reference to Cool Tabs and with your own application of Facebook Developers. Of course, this plan has access to all the features of our platform, such as monitoring and statistics and prioritary support. Its monthly price is 350 €.

More details of the new pricing plans:

Advantages of this social media platform

 – All our plans have 15-day free trial, for which no credit card required. In those 15 days you can create a campaign with the application corresponding to the plan you are testing (the promotion or contest will be free during test days).

– The payment of these plans can also be done annually, so you get a 16% discount.

– Besides the three payment plans, we keep the Free Plan, which still has the same features as before: The use of a Cool Promo Lite for free and two applications of content for your fan page.

See all features of our plans >>

2. New design.

Our creature, as well as evolving internally, needed a new face. Now our design is worthy of the maturity of our platform and we expect the customer experience to be much better, not to say excellent. Greater clarity, more simplicity and new sections for you to have all the information we think you need.

A sample of the new look & feel:

A sample of our new look & feel

New Design - Affiliate Program

3. Our apps to create campaigns are only 3: Cool Promo series.

Pricing plans are three and correspond each of them with an application for unlimited creating promotions and contests, so we have decided that the other apps disappear and their characteristics will be included in the 3 applications that have survived the change.

3 applications for contests and promotions

Thus, we have affectionately dismissed our InstaPromo, InstaPromo White Label, TweetPromo, TweetPromo White Label, Get Fans Promo, Get Fans Promo White Label, Buzz Promo and Buzz Promo White Label.

As you can see, we have already integrated the features of TweetPromo and InstaPromo in our popular Cool Promo, while TweetPromo White Label and InstaPromo White Label already part of our superior app Cool Promo White Label.

The same will happen in the coming days with Get Fans Promo and Buzz Promo, which will be integrated also in the Cool Promo application and Get Fans Promo White Label  and Buzz Promo White Label, which will appear as possible options for our Cool Promo White Label *.

* If you want to create a campaign with features that provided Get Fans Promo, Buzz Promo or their white label versions, please contact us and we tell you how to do it, while we finish integrating them into Cool Promo series.

Want to know which of our 3 apps you should choose for the type of contest you want to launch? Choose your application here!

If you are not registered in any plan, you can use any of these applications to your campaigns making the corresponding app payment or even buying a pack of applications (not expire).

These are our main news, check out our new website and get used! 😉

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