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Cool Tabs Says “Farewell” to the Fan Gate on Facebook Competitions

Cool Tabs Says "Farewell" to the Fan Gate on Facebook Competitions

Three months ago Facebook announced that it was no longer permitted to request users to become fans of a page to be able to participate in a promotion or contest. This new rule was immediately enforced by the new applications and, on November the 5th, was extended to any active app on the social network. Therefore, at Cool Tabs we have decided to say farewell to the fan gate too. This means that, from today on, this option will no longer be available for the promotions and competitions that you create with us, This way, we comply with Facebook new policy.

Click on the following post to learn more about this change implemented on Facebook : The End of the Fan Gate as We Know It.

The Alternative to the Fan Gate on Your Campaigns Run on Facebook

At Cool Tabs we are happy to see that Facebook have decided to establish this rule, as we believe that fans shouldn’t be considered just a number. We think that all fan pages should try to attract and build up loyalty with users who are interested in the brand and have decided to ‘Like’ it in order to follow the page updates and be informed of any ongoing actions. Why is that? Because, at the end of the day, we want these fans to also become our clients. However, we shouldn’t stop facilitating and promoting the recruitment of new fans. But this is not a problem. Thanks to our  new applications, you will now be able to suggest promotion and competition participants and voters to become fans of your page or pages (and also follow you on Twitter, Instagram and / or Pinterest).

How can you suggest a fan page with Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label?

Suggest your Facebook  page/s to participants: You can recommend promo and contest participants to visit your Facebook page/s in the ‘Dates and contributions settings‘ section. You just need to include the Facebook page or pages (and/or Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profiles) you want to suggest, together with a text for this action. We suggest you don’t go over 90 characters.

These are some examples of texts you can use to recommend your fan page and / or your social profiles: ‘Don’t miss any updates’, ‘Follow us! You won’t regret it!’, ‘We would love that you follow us’…

Suggest social profiles

Recommend your Facebook page/s to voters: You can recommend your Facebook page/s and / or your social profiles to voters in the same section. The page(s) or social profiles that you recommend in this section will be the same as those included in the previous section. However, a different text can be included here to encourage voters to become fans. We suggest the text you type here is 90 characters maximum.

These are some examples of texts you can use to recommend your fan page to voters: ‘Are you interested in photography? Follow us and you will be kept up-to- date with all the latest news and updates!’, ‘If you are interested in our promos, then you may like to visit our page…

Text you can use to recommend your fan page to voters

How can we recommend a fan page with Cool Promo Lite?

Suggest your Facebook page/s to participants: You can recommend your Facebook page/s in the ‘Participation dates and details‘ section. You just need to include the Facebook page you want to recommend (Cool Promo Lite only allows you to suggest a single fan page), the text for this option will be set by default, as you can see in the following screenshot:

You just need to include the Facebook page you want to recommend

We are sure that, with this new option that enables you to suggest your Facebook page to users through promotions and contests, you will continue to attract lots of new fans to your fan page.  However, your new leads will now be quality fans.

Suggest your Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Profiles to the Participants of Your Promotions in Social Media

The alternative we have come up with for Facebook as a result of the end of the fan gate can also be used on TwitterInstagram and PinterestWhen a user takes part in one of your promotions, you can then ask him/her to follow you in Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Suggest your Twitter and Instagram Profiles to the Participants of Your Promotions in Social Media

Since the option to run contests in Twitter and Instagram is only available with our Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label applications, the same options explained above for Facebook apply: You can recommend one or several Twitter or Instagram profiles (or Pinterest profiles). A customized text can also be included here. Once again, we suggest you don’t go over 90 characters.

If you have any question regarding these changes or would like more information about the new alternative offered by Cool Tabs, please contact us.

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