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Create a simple contest or promotion on Facebook with Cool Promo Lite

Cool Promo Lite: Create a promotion or simple contest on Facebook

Cool Promo Lite: Create a promotion or simple contest on Facebook


1. Installing the application

To install this application, you have to go to the “Your content” section and click on “Create content”.

Your Contents in Cool Tabs

Select the “Promotions and Competitions” option and select Cool Promo Lite.

Select the Promotions and Competitions option and select Cool Promo Lite

2. Creation form

Let’s start creating our first promotion with the simplest app on the Cool Promo series.

1. Basic information

  • Name: It will be a name that will not be seen by end users and will only be used in your administration section so that you can easily identify the promotion (Example:Christmas promotion for the shop).
  • Tab name that will have in Facebook: It will be used as the tab name displayed on your Facebook You can change it at any time, both from this section and from the Administration section of your Facebook page.
  • Name of the promotion on Facebook: The name shown to users that visit your promotion.
  • Promotion description: You can include some text that outlines your promotion. It should be explanatory enough for users to understand how the campaign works. Thanks to our editor, you can give styles (font colours, size, etc.) to your text (it is not mandatory, because we already give styles to the text that you include to make them look good). In addition to text, you can add images or, if you have the knowledge, HTML too.
  • Google Analytics code: It’s only available for Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label.

Cool Promo Lite: Basic Information

2. Promotion design

  • Main image for the promotion: The image that you use to present the campaign that will be visible to all users. With Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label you will be able to custom your promo much more.

3. Dates and configuration of entries

In this section, you can configure the dates and other details regarding entries:

  • Time zone: You need to select the time zone in which you want the competition to be conducted. It is important to take care when setting your time zone because all of the dates that you are to specify below will be set in that time zone. If you make a mistake, you can modify it at any time.
  • Promotion start date: The date from which your promotion will be visible on your fan page. If you have already installed the Cool Promo Lite application on your page (i.e., a new tab already appears in the Applications section), but your promotion has not yet started, we will show a generic message that says ‘No active promotions‘ (unless you’ve chosen other text or images to use before the start of the promotion).

No active promotions

  • Promotion end date: The date from which your promotion will no longer be visible on your fan page. After this date, we show a generic message like the previous one, indicating that there are ‘No active promotions‘. It is important to be careful when setting this date because once the promotion has ended, you may not modify it.
  • Suggest your participants to like your Facebook pageIt is no longer possible to make it obligatory that participants become fans of your Facebook page to be able to participate, but if that is what you want, you can recommend your fan page to them. This option is usually very effective, because users participating in your promotion generally want to keep up to date with the company’s latest news, or at least to anything related to the promotion or competition.
    • Facebook page to suggest: Your can recommend your Facebook pages here.
  • Show the current number of participations: Enabling this option means that the total number of entries will be shown to all users in the “Details” section of the main page of the promotion.

Show the current number of participations

  • Enable public participation: All users can see who has participated. For competitions in which users need to vote on entries, this option must be enabled. If this option is enabled, there will be a link to access the list of all entries so far on the promotion’s main page. For each entry, the avatar and name of the user who has participated will be shown, as well as the text/image corresponding to their entry.
  • Enable voting for entries: Activate the voting system for the entries in your competition. Users can view the entries and vote just once per entry. Do not forget to enable public participation in the previous option.
  • How many users do you want to participate in your promotion? (Leave blank for unlimited): You can set a maximum number of entries for your promotion or competition. Once the limit is reached, users will not be able to participate (the ‘Enter’ button will not be shown). Normally this option is used to give something away to the first users that take part (samples, concert tickets, etc.). Leave this field blank if you do not want to set any limits.

4. Entry form configuration

  • The user must input their telephone number to participate: Enable this field if you want the form to include a field for users to enter their telephone number. If it is activated, it is mandatory to complete the field to participate.
  • The user must input their gender to participate: Enable this field if you want the form to include a field for users to enter their gender (Male/Female). If it is activated, it is mandatory to complete the field to participate.
  • The user must input their country to participate: Enable this field if you want the form to include a field for users to enter their country. If it is activated, it is mandatory to complete the field to participate.

Question/Answer competition

  • A question must be answered to take part: Enable a question in the entry form that users need to answer if they want to take part in your competition.
    • Text, question or comments to complete: If you want users to participate by answering a question or providing a text, you need to indicate here what it is that they need to provide (Example: “What were your best ever holidays?”).

Photos competition

  • An image must be uploaded to take part: Enable images in entries so that users can take part by uploading a picture.
    • Title for the image: It is the text that users will see in the form to prompt them to upload the image (Example: “Upload your best birthday photo”).
    • Is it mandatory to upload the image to take part? If you enable this option, it is mandatory to upload an image to take part in the competition.

5. Additional details

  • Enable Terms and Conditions: Enabling this option will include a link to the terms and conditions for your promotion.

Now, we click on ‘Save’ and we have already finished setting up our promotion.

3. Promotion preview.

Before publishing your tab, you can see what the final look of the screens that make up your promotion will be. Access it by clicking on the ‘Preview’ icon in the Cool Tabs panel or when we finish setting up the promotion by clicking on ‘Save and preview‘.

Cool Promo Lite: Preview

In the preview, we can see what our promotion will look like on the Facebook page. It is possible to navigate to see how it will appear on different dates (before the start of the promotion, opening date for entries, etc.) and we can see the final setup of our entry form. Also, on the side panel, we can also participate in the promo as administrators or return to the editing page.

Cool Promo Lite: Preview options

4. Publishing the promotion on Facebook

At this point, you will have set up your campaign, seen how it looks so that you can make the necessary adjustments. Now all you have to do is publish it. so you have to click on the ‘Publish’ icon of the promo or content that you want to launch and that you have previously setup.

Publish icon

Select the Facebook page where you want to publish your promotion or competition.

Select the Facebook page where you want to publish your promo

Choose how you want to publish your promo. You have two options: Standard or custom mode. In this example, we’ll choose the standard mode, because the other option is for publishing a Facebook promo or tab with White Label.

Choose the Standard Mode

Once you have clicked “Publish” (may take several seconds to take out the action because we are communicating with Facebook to post your app), your Cool Promo Lite be perfectly installed in the selected page. It’s that simple.

5. Final result before activation

Once you have published your campaign, you can see the final result immediately. To do this you have two links to your promotion on Facebook. Click either.

Links to your promotion

How you can check to access your Facebook page, your promotion is not yet active. that is, you have not proceeded to pay,but you can complete the cycle of creation-publication promotion on your fan page and see the final result. Only administrators of the fan page (and creators of the promotion) will see the promotion despite not being activated. A message will be displayed at the top of the tab, warning of it and with a link to activate the promotion.

Active promotion

You can see all the sections of the promotion without activating and even participate in it to make sure everything has been as expected.

6. Activating the promotion

Once you have verified that your promotion has become your way, you can proceed to activate it by clicking on the “Activate promotion” on the top of your promotion or clicking the icon of “Tab settings” if want to activate it from Cool Tabs. Thus, you will access a screen like the following, with the various methods for payment. You just have to choose the one that suits us and proceed to make payment.

Methods of payment

Once payment is made, our promotion is active. Now users can already see the promotion in your Facebookpage (provided that the promotion start date is before or equal to the current date).

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