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Create free competitions on your wall with Cool Tabs

Create free competitions on your wall with WallPromo

Create free competitions on your wall with WallPromo

Now Facebook allows users to create wall competitions and promotions in fan pages without the need to use external applications, we want to help you make the most of this new feature. This is why we have come up with WallPromo, a free application to help you manage and filter the number of ‘Likes’ and comments received on your competition page, as well as select the winner.

How does WallPromo work?

Let’s explain step by step how you can run a competition on your wall and use the WallPromo functionalities to manage it:

1. Post on your wall the promo or contest you want to promote.

Post on your wall the promo or contest you want to promote

2. Go to Cool Tabsselect the WallPromo application to install it and you will then be asked to provide the Facebook page you have used to post your wall competition or promotion.

Provide the Facebook page you have used to post your wall competition

3. Select the campaign post.

Select post to install WallPromo

4. Below the promotion posts, you will find two other fields for you to set up the ways users can participate in the competition. They can participate by:

  • Clicking on ‘Like’ the selected post.
  • Writing a comment.
  • Both: Clicking on ‘Like’ and commenting on the post.

The ways users can participate in the competition

5. If you follow the steps above, your wall competition will be managed by WallPromo. In case you have previously received ‘likes’ or comments, WallPromo will consider them too.

What do you get from WallPromo?

  1. A list of participations: Every ‘Like’ and/or comment on the campaign post will be considered as a participation in the Cool Tabs‘s information panel.
  2. Basic details of each participant: Each participation will include the users name and his/her Facebook url. Given that it is a wall competition, no further information will be provided.
  3. Updated participation information at any time: This participation list features an update button for you to view the new comments and ‘likes’, since participation information is not updated automatically but under request, when you click on this button.
  4. Comments as a voting mechanism: If comments on participant contributions include ‘likes’, these will also be included in the participation report, so that they can be used as votes to select the winner of the contest.
  5. Download participation list: The list can be exported to a .csv file.
  6. Winner selection: Winners can be selected through three different procedures:
    – Manual selection: Publish the names of the winners.
    – Automatic selectionWallPromo runs a draw among all participants and selects the winner/winners.
    – Selection using filters: This only depends on the number of ‘Likes’ received per comment.

Don’t forget that with WallPromo there are no date limits, since your promo/contest is a wall post on your fan page. This means that the promo will end as soon as you choose a winner.

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