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Create your personality test with Cool Tabs

Create your personality test with Cool Tabs

Create your personality test with Cool Tabs

Personality tests are one of the types of questionnaire that are simple to create with Cool Tabs. You can attract a large number of participants with a personality test and fulfil the objective of your followers having fun whilst taking part. Although the personality test is a standardised questionnaire that aims to explore users’ psychological traits or characteristics, it is also the name given to the quizzes that we very often see on social networks with titles like: “Which character / performer / artist / singer are you?” Some of the best-known of these are those published by BuzzFeed in its Quizzes section and they are the most specific. That is to say that they usually focus on a specific television series, area of politics or daily life, etc.

How to create a personality test with Cool Tabs

To show how easy it is to create a questionnaire of this type, we have created one related to the most viewed videos on YouTube to celebrate 10 years of the platform. Try our demo before creating yours to see how it works: What famous YouTube video are you?

5 steps to create your personality test

1. Choose which social networks the questionnaire can be accessed from and fill in the basic information:

Choose which social networks the questionnaire can be accessed from and fill in the basic information

2. Promotion design: Ideally you should upload a main picture for your campaign and then in the “Choose the type of message you want to display to users after participating” section you should choose “Custom Message for response categories in the quizz“, to include the different results that will vary according to the responses chosen by participants.

Custom message depending on response categories in the questionnaire

3. Select the dates for the beginning and end of the personality test, and the start and end dates for participating.

4. The most important section for the personality test is the “Customized questions to include in the form“. In this section, we write the different questions. For answer types, we choose “Answer to choose between several options” and then input the answers, associating each one of them with one of the categories that we created for the custom messages in the “Promotion Design” section.

Personality test: Question and answers

5. The next most important thing when creating a personality test is to complete the viralisation section entitled “Make your campaign go viral”. In this section you can activate the option of recommending your social network profiles to participants. This is highly recommended if you want to increase your number of followers.

Recommending your social network profiles to participants


Here we can decide what will be displayed when participants share the results of their personality test on Facebook and Twitter. The best thing to do is to add a photo related to the character / artist / musician / etc. for each category and also mention who it is in the title, which will encourage more users to take part. The description can be used to describe the character / artist / musician / etc. in an original way to try to attract curious users.

Shared personalized messaged according to the quizz messages

These are the five steps for creating a personality test. We recommend this type of setup if you’re looking to keep users entertained and attract the attention of followers of certain series, artists, types of music, movies, etc., and through them spread your message further.

Take part in our sample personality test: What famous YouTube video are you?

Create your personality test with Cool Tabs now >>

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