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It doesn’t really matter whether you own a small business, a big company or a social media agency, you surely know how important it is to develop a marketing strategy on the ultimate social networking service -Facebook. You might not need to invest a huge amount of money or time, it all depends on your business objectives. However, you do need to have some basic resources to help you become more popular and increase your visibility on Facebook both quickly and effectively.

Let’s say you are managing a fan page and you need to build a social media strategy. You might ask yourself the following questions:

What can I do to increase the number of fans on Facebook?

How can I encourage those who are following me to participate?

How can I reward the loyalty of fans?

What can I do to increase my exposure on Facebook?

It’s very easy to answer all these questions. If you have had a look at all our promotions, you will have found the one that best meets your needs, based on the marketing strategy that your are going to be using. In any case, we present a little guide to help you choose the most appropriate one for your specific business objectives.


Like facebookStrategy: Do you want to increase the number of fans you have on Facebook? Let your followers do it for you!

With GET FANS PROMO, users get one point for every friend they invite who then becomes fan of the brand.

This promo allows you to award the fans who best act as ambassadors of your brand on Facebook.

GET FANS PROMO provides statistics about the number of invitations sent by every user as well as the number of friends who have taken part in the promotion.

You can see some examples below:

Invite all your fans to take part in a contest. The contest will award users who, through invitations to their friends, get X of them to participate in the promotion (the winner can also be selected by random drawing).

Depending on the value of the prize you are ready to give away, you might want to decide to restrict it to the first X users who manage to complete the challenge.

GET FANS PROMO allows you to show a different picture, text, etc. to fans and non fans, and before and after the contest takes place.

Check all the possibilities of GET FANS PROMO, also available in White Label.


Strategy: To encourage fans to participate and interact with the brand and to increase the number of followers on Facebook.

This promotion is ideal for companies willing to promote interactions and participationbetween users and the brand..

Users can vote for candidates and even comment on their contributions (at the moment, the latter is only available for white label)

With COOL PROMO the winner is the user with the best contribution, or else, it is selected by random drawing, appointed by the administrator or by users (making them vote for the best). We recommend you do not decide who is the winner according to the latter only. Even if Cool Tabs features a fraud control system, we recommend that you mix several options together. For instance: Organize a prize draw among the top X candidates with the most votes.

We present some instances where this promotion can be used, based on the type of content you want to rate.


icon_penOrganize a contest and invite users to select the best slogan or choose the name of your next product. You can even run a writing competition of original stories or sentences related to the products offered by your brand.


icon_cameraThis promotion is ideal if you want to organize a photography competition – just like the BBK competition to choose a photo to be published in the next calendar. You can also encourage fans to send the most original holiday picture, fancy dress ,or even the most genuine Santa. Choose the subject based on the current season, there are lots of different options!


icon_videoThe winner can be the user with the most popular YouTube video (which will encourage users to make the competition turn into a real battle on YouTube ;-) ). But you can take some more risk and make the winner be the new community manager for your company through a competition where candidates need to send a video CV.

As you can see, there is an unlimited number of options. Let your imagination run wild and Cool Promo will do the rest.

Moreover, you can also turn on the function that makes users become fans of your page before they can participate, as this will allow you to increase the number of followers on Facebook.

Take a look at all the different options offered by COOL PROMO and choose the one that best meets the needs of the contest you want to organize (COOL PROMO LITECOOL PROMOCOOL PROMO WHITE LABEL).


StrategyTo increase the number of fans and, at the same time, create a buzz on the InternetSpread the word through viral marketing on Facebook.

This is undoubtedly the ultimate and most powerful viral marketing tool. BUZZ PROMO is our main attraction, for it combines the best of every promotion with some other great features :)

What does BUZZ PROMO offer you? This question is very easy to answer: It combines all the features of the previous promotions with an extensive scoring system that makes users become responsible for exploding your marketing message to thousands of other users via Facebook.

This new tool takes advantage of all the viral possibilities that Facebook features. Participants can get points for each viral action they take on Facebook: Publishing the contest on their walls, inviting friends to join the promotion, getting friends to participate in the contest, and many other actions that help you increase the visibility of your brand on Facebook. In short, we encourage users to actively and continuously participate in the promotion, in such a way that the more users pass on your marketing messagethe more points they get and, thus, the more chances they have to win the competition. This is the best incentive to make fans share your promotion on Facebook.

Check the possibilities of GET FANS PROMO, also available in White Label.

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