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Different options to use the external content tab

New external web tab

We only realised this week that we sometimes give more importance to some of our applications than to others, even if, as good parents would do, we love them all equally. However, we have to admit that we’ve been having a soft spot for the contests lately, and for the White Label, of course. This is because the conversion rate increases when you launch any of our applications with promos or contents. You are happy, and so are we.

But the thing is that our content apps are so incredibly easy to use that we reckon we don’t even need to mention them. Today, though, we will make up for this mistake and talk about one of them. Even though this application often goes unnoticed, it is one of the most useful our applications . For those of you who still don’t know it, we present the external content tab.

What is this external content tab for?

You can use it to include any piece of content that you’ve published on any url and you want to show on your Facebook page. Instead of explaining how to do it, we better illustrate it with a picture of the form, so you realise that it’s not necessary…

New external web tab


What is it used for?

Since our explanation is that short, simple, and direct, we’ve got the impression that no one can really see the enormous possibilities that lay behind this amazing external content tab. This is why, we are going to get you inspired…

  • To include a reservation page: Hotels use this tab quite often to include a reservation page. However, we can also use it for other businesses, such as restaurants.

To include a reservation page

  • To include your details from other sites: If your business appears on a directory or page with several businesses from a given industry, these details can also be shown here. Let’s go back to the hotel example so it’s easy for you to understand. In the case of a hotel, the page could include a TripAdvisor site. Other business types can include information about them coming from a different website.

To include your details from other sites

  • To publish on Facebook any piece of relevant information that is only available on your website: A pdf file, a slideshare, etc.

To publish on Facebook any piece of relevant information

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