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Now our external web application has zoom

Now our external web app has zoom

Now our external web app has zoom

Recently we talked about the possibilities for our application of external content (in Spanish only) and we realized that many pages did not fit into this app because its width was larger than 810 pixels, which is the maximum width allowed by Facebook. So we looked for a solution, we found it and have just implemented it… Which is? Including a zoom! Thus today any site has a place on Facebook thanks to our renewed external web application.

Do not you believe it? We’re going to show you…

1. It has occurred to us to create a tab with external web application for our Affiliate Program, because we believe it is a content that would be good to include on Facebook to achieve maximum diffusion. So we start at the beginning … We go to the section “Your tabs” from Cool Tabs, click on “New tab” and install the External Web application.

Create a new tab with external web application

2. We include the name you want to give the tab in the Basic Data and in Url configuration (point 2) we add the url of the page we want to appear. The height of the content can also be adjusted, but if it is over 1280 pixels, scroll bar appears. The width will adapt ourselves with the new zoom tool.

Url configuration and zoom tool

3. As you can see, our page of Affiliate Program would be best if it moves away a bit and that is what we have done. We have adapted to our liking with zoom and have left the same page for fans and non-fans of Cool Tabs, because we also have the ability to display two external contents: one for fans and one for non-fans (both contents have the zoom tool to fit the width of Facebook). The result once saved and published the tab is this:

The result of a tab with external web application

4. Do not forget to change the image of the tab and the name (and icons and app name, if you post on White Label).

Name and image personalized

And it is ready! We believe the record time spent on creating a new tab with external web application is under 5 minutes.Get over it!

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