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Facebook Ads and its Custom Audience

Your Custom Audience to Facebook Ads

Your Custom Audience to Facebook Ads

When creating a promo or sweepstakes on Facebook with Cool Tabs, a highly advisable action in your outreach efforts is to launch a campaign using Facebook Ads, because you’ll reach more users without leaving the media where you published your promo.  As you know, a very important part of creating an ad, regardless of the media, is to select your target audience. Facebook makes it very easy, because it allows you to create your own Custom Audience, and Cool Tabs simplifies it even more.

A Custom Audience for your ads

Your ads’ Custom Audience may be broad and general or reduced and specific, depending on the strategy you follow. Your best bet is to show your ad to people who may be interested in what you’re saying, so the more specific you are about that people, the more successful your ad on Facebook will be.

How Do I Create a Custom Audience on Facebook Ads?

A custom audience can be created with any of the following data:

  • Email addresses.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Facebook user IDs.
  • Mobile advertiser ID (advertising identifier supplied by Apple in their advertising environment or Facebook app user ID).

Cool Tabs provides you a file with the Facebook user IDs of your fan page audience so that you can address your Facebook Ads specifically to those users. Who is included in such audience? Any user who has ever participated in any of your fan page promos throughout time.

To get this file with the Facebook user IDs of your audience:

Access to Your Audience Panel

  • Once in this panel, click on the “Facebook Audience” button. That way you’ll export a file for creating your Facebook Ads Custom Audience. This file is a .csv that contains a single column of data without heading of the Facebook user IDs, as required by the ads manager in Facebook Ads.

Access to Facebook Audience

Once you obtain the file we provide you, you just have to access Facebook Ads Manager and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Audiences” and then on “Create a Custom Audience”.

Facebook Ads: Create a custom audience

  • You’ll get several options based on which you can create your Custom Audience. In order to upload your Cool Tabs audience file, just select “Data File Custom Audience”.

Data File Custom Audience

  • Fill out the information about your Custom Audience: Name of the audience, description, type of data (here it would be User IDs) and select the .csv file provided by Cool Tabs.

Fill out the information about your Custom Audience

Just follow these easy steps and in a couple of minutes you’ll have a Facebook Ads Custom Audience to address your ads to! This way you’ll be able to upload publicity addressed to users who already know you and have taken part in your previous promos, so your ads will be more specific and successful than general ones.

Access now your Cool Tabs audience and export their data for Facebook Ads >>

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