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A Facebook promotion for every social media marketing strategy

A Facebook promotion for every Social Media Marketing strategy

A Facebook promotion for every Social Media Marketing strategyWhether you’re the owner of a small business, a big brand, a social media agency or an online marketing agency, you will probably already understand the importance of developing a strategy for using Facebook. It does depend on the goals that you set for yourself and, although a large financial investment is not prerequisite, it is important to have a minimum amount of resources available to be able to quickly and effectively increase visibility and presence on the social network.

Suppose you are the administrator of a fan page and you’re outlining your social media strategy, the following questions will certainly arise:

What can I do to increase my number of fans on Facebook?

How can I encourage my followers to participate?

How I can reward my fans’ loyalty?

How I can get more visibility on Facebook?

Using our applications will help you to easily find answers to all of these questions. Depending on how it is designed, a promotion or competition can attract fans, earn their loyalty, encourage their participation on your fan page, reward them and, of course, increase visibility on Facebook along the way.

A strategy = A type of promotion

Referrals competition


Strategy: Do you want to increase your number of fans on Facebook? Get your followers to do it for you!

If you create a referrals competition, participants need to invite their friends. For their friends to be able participate, they also have to become fans of your brand. The winner is the user with the most referrals. With this type of promotion, you will be rewarding the fans that are the best ambassadors for your company on Facebook.

A referrals competition can be created with the Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label applications. Both of these provide you with information about the number of shares by each user as well as the number of their friends that ended up participating in your competition.

Example: challenge your fans by launching a competition in which all users that encourage a specified number of friends to participate via invitation are rewarded (for this type of competition, you can also choose the winner by drawing lots). Depending on the prize pool that you have available, you can also narrow it down to the first few participants to complete the challenge.

With Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label, you can show different things to your fans and non-fans before, during and after the competition has concluded.

Story, photo or video competition

Story, photo or video competitionStrategy: Encouraging fans’ participation and interaction with the brand, and increasing the number of followers on Facebook.

This type of promotion is perfect if you want to stimulate discussion and participation between your fans and your brand, attract new users and encourage engagement.

Users can vote and even comment on the entries (the latter is currently only available with our white label app).

With this type of competition, the best content is rewarded, either by a drawing of lots by the page’s administrator, or by popular vote with the users voting for the winner themselves. Our recommendation is that the winner is never chosen by exclusively using the latter option (although Cool Tabs includes an anti-fraud system), but rather by using a mixture, such as drawing lots between the entries with the most votes.

Here are some examples of this type of competition with different types of content:

Creative writing competition:

Creative writing competitionYou can create many different sorts of writing or storytelling competitions. For example, a competition in which a prize is awarded for the best slogan, the best name for your next product, the best story, the best original phrase associated with one of your products, the best recipe, etc. For a competition involving phrases or slogans, etc., you need to use the Cool Promo app. For competitions in which entries are lengthier texts, the Cool Promo White Label app is needed.

Photo competition:

Photo competitionThis option is perfect if you want to run a competition for photos related to your brand or product (such as the competition that BBK  ran to choose photographs to be included in their next calendar), or encourage your followers to send the most original holiday photo, or photo of their carnival costume, or even the most authentic Santa Claus. Make the most of celebrations throughout the year. There are millions of options to choose from! For photo competitions, you can use Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label app if you want to benefit from the advantages of our white label.

Video competition:

Video competitionFor example, you can give prizes to the user that uploads the most popular YouTube video and launch a classic YouTube battle, or you can opt for something more risky such as choosing your company’s next Community Manager from applications made by sending ‘video-CVs’.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Set your imagination free and let the Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label applications take care of the rest.

Also, as is the case for creative writing or photo competitions, you can activate the voting option. A user must be a fan of your page to vote and so you will increase your number of followers on Facebook.

Ranking by points competition

Ranking by points competitionStrategyIncreasing the number of fans while generating a buzz on the network. Going viral and maximising your brand’s spread on Facebook.

It is without doubt the type of promotion with the most potential to go viral. The ranking by points competition is like going to a restaurant having the chef’s special for main course and then being given a full selection of desserts to follow.

What does this type of competition have to offer? The answer is simple: everything that the previous promotions have to offer all added together plus a scoring system through which the user becomes the biggest promoter for your brand on Facebook.

The new engine maximises all of the virality options offeredby Facebook. Each participant can earn points for each of their actions on the social network: sharing the competition on their wall, inviting other friends to the promotion, getting new friends to take part in the competition, and many more actions that contribute towards increasing your brand’s visibility on Facebook. In short, we encourage continued active participation in the promotion in such a way that the more viral actions the user performs, the more points they receive and the better their chances of winning. This is the real incentive that your fans need to spread your promotion on Facebook.

Promotion to give away or redeem discount coupons

Create different discount coupons for each participant in your contestStrategy: Getting your customers to become your fans on Facebook so that they keep up to date with your brand’s latest news. Or vice versa: getting your Facebook fans to purchase your product or service.

The idea is either that your customers register on your promotion to receive a discount on their purchase by validating a coupon that they have received from your shop, or because your fans want to get a discount coupon to use on your products and so register on the promo to get one. It is undoubtedly a good promotion to learn more about your engagement.

You can include personalised codes for either of the two options and complement the promotion with any other type of setup, for example, getting users to answer a question about your brand or product, drawing lots from entries, etc.

This type of promotion can only be created with the Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label applications.


You can include quizzes on your promotionsStrategy: Finding out whether your fans are satisfied or not, about their opinion of your products or services, and about their tastes and preferences.

With Cool Tabs, you can create a dynamic questionnaire with different types of answer to make it entertaining and so that participants see it as a game. It can be used to directly determine how your fans feel about your brand or product, but it can also be used to encourage your fans to look deeper into the questions that you ask. This type of competition is essentially designed to increase loyalty, although if the questionnaire is fun and the prize is original, you may also attract new fans.

Example: holding a competition with a themed questionnaire and then drawing lots from all of the participants or choosing the winners from the most original answers. You can set personal responses to be private and the rest to be public, depending on what you want from each.

You can set up a questionnaire for your promotion or competition with the Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label applications.

Choose your favourite

Choose your favouriteStrategy: Energising your community.

This type of competition is for getting feedback from your fans about any subject or about a product that you are launching. Essentially, you, as the administrator, upload a series of images and your fans choose their favourite. These images can represent the brands that you sell in your shop, different displays, models of clothing, various designs from which your next product to be put on sale will be chosen, etc. In any of these cases, fans choose their favourite one by voting. Then, as a reward for being active users and for participating on your fan page, you can choose the winner from the voters.

Once again, to run this type of promotion, you need the Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label apps.

If you want to start with something simple or just focus on attracting fans, you can also draw lots or ask your fans a single question. You have a lot of options with our applications!

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