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Father’s Day: The Best 10 Ideas for Grabbing-Attention Campaigns

Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. This is a great opportunity to boost your company’s sales through social media.

This day, as well as the previous ones, brands and companies carry out sweepstakes, competitions, and promotions aiming to increase sales and social audience, attract new clients and improve loyalty. If you need some inspiration to launch your Father’s Day campaigns, no worries. We have the best grabbing-attention ideas!

First thing first: what are the goals you want to achieve with your campaign? Take note of the best marketing promotions and sweepstakes according to your objectives.

Father's Day

The best ideas for Father’s Day campaigns according to your objectives

Gain fans

If your main objective is to increase your number of followers, we recommend you to carry out campaigns with a simple mechanic of participation. You can also offer participants the chance to win a juicy prize, which usually gets the attention of a lot of new fans. It’s always better and more effective to combine the two options: an easy way to participate and an original reward.

Question-answer questionary

Father's Day ideasIt’s one of the simplest dynamics and, therefore, it has a lot of success among users. They’ll just need to answer a single question in order to participate. When creating a campaign like this for Father’s Day, remember that it should be related to this topic and, if possible, to your brand.

An idea that won’t fail is to appeal to emotions and memories. For example, we can ask questions such as: “What’s your dad’s favorite quote?”, “Which word would best describe your dad?” or “What’s the advice he repeats the most?”.

Choose your favorite

Father's Day ideasIf you decide to launch this type of contest, users only need to vote for their favorite option to participate. Don’t forget to require users (or suggest them, if you launch your contest on Facebook) to follow your social media profiles to be able to vote. Otherwise, you won’t get your main goal.

Which options you want users to vote for? The main key is to relate these options to your brand. If you are, for instance, a fashion brand, come up with different outfits so they need to choose the one they think their father would like the most. You can also display pictures with different “types of father”, in order for your fans to choose the one that best represents their own one.

This campaign will be more enjoyable for the participants if the options that must be voted are funny. Therefore, choose different ideas or images that stimulate the interest of your users to give their own opinion.

Direct sweepstake for Father’s Day

Ideas para el día del padre: campañas y promocionesThis kind of dynamic is the simplest one and, at the same time, the most attractive. In this case, users should only meet the requirements you ask them to participate in the giveaway. For example, “like” the post, retweet it or leave their comments. Don’t forget to ask them to follow you, in case it’s possible!

If besides increasing the number of followers, you also wish to increase your engagement and reach, you can also add the requirement to mention one or more friends. This option can be done on Twitter or Instagram.

Sweepstakes with influencers 

Ideas para el día del padre: campañas y promocionesInfluencers have become a perfect way for brands to increase their sales. In addition to getting new followers on social media, thanks to launching a campaign with an influencer or ambassador, your fans will know more about your brand and they’ll feel more identified with it.

A good choice, if you want to carry out one of these campaigns, is to create a giveaway among photos that belong to different profiles on Instagram. This way, users must, for example, follow all the accounts, comment the posts or mention their friends on them. You can also create an ad and create a sweepstake for promoted ads.

Twitter competition 

Father's Day ideasAs you can’t write as much as you want on Twitter, bet on simple dynamics if you launch your contest on Twitter. Ask your users to describe your father or their best memory with him.

If you also want to obtain leads and not only new followers, you must create the competition through one of our apps: Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label. Don’t forget to include a hashtag, that will help your Father’s Day contest go viral.

If you want your contest to be really successful, don’t forget the prize to be original and attractive for your buyer persona. It could be, for example, a batch of products for Father’s Day that “any father could refuse”.

Increase your fans’ loyalty

With all these competitions, you can also increase your number of followers or your leads. But, if your main goal is to increase your fans’ loyalty, the best way is to entertain and amuse your users, especially through a User Generated Content campaign.

Photo contest or competition

Ideas para el día del padre: campañas y promocionesIt’s one of our favorite campaigns for Father’s Day. Besides, it offers you a large range of options. Users must make a bigger effort in order to participate, but this kind of campaign is fun and even a bit nostalgic.

These are our suggestions: a vintage photo contest, in which users must upload a picture of their parents when they were young; a father-son/daughter photo contest; or one in which they need to share the picture that best represents their father or his smartest or funniest side, for example. Keep in mind that the requirements the photo should meet should also adjust to your products or services.

Possibilities are endless! You can launch the contest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or the three of them at the same time. Instagram, as you probably have guessed, is our preferred social network for this kind of competitions. Don’t forget to ask users to share their photos using a certain hashtag, that you can specifically create for the occasion.

Narrative contest

Ideas para el día del padre: campañas y promocionesThis dynamic can be, a priori, less attractive, as users must make a big effort. But don’t worry: the key is to grab their attention. If the topic they must write about is entertaining and the reward is interesting, participation won’t take long to rise up.

A simple idea is to ask the participants to tell you their father’s funniest anecdote or why he is the best parent, etc. You can even ask the rest of your fans to vote for their favorite stories. If you include a hashtag, your Father’s Day contest can even go viral.

Quiz or questionnaire 

Ideas para el día del padre: campañas y promocionesA Father’s Day quiz can be the best of options to increase your fans’ loyalty and get to know them better (as well as their parents). You can get the most out of this special day and launch a questionnaire or quiz related to your products or services. Thus, you may create a wishlist or gift compatibility test to give them some ideas. All the data you obtain will be very useful to create or focus on your next campaigns.

Personality tests never fail and can be very attractive and easy to complete. For instance: “What kind of daddy you have?” or “Star Parents”, a quiz in which users will try to find out what character of a movie you are talking about.

Take a look at this example: “What’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day?”

Quiz with paths 

día-del-padre-caminos1These campaigns follow the style of the “Choose your own adventure” books. Does it ring a bell? Depending on the answers the participants give, they will follow a certain path, obtaining, in consequence, a different result.

These are some appealing ideas you can use for your quiz: “Find out how your relationship with your father will be in ten years time” or “What will be your perfect plan to celebrate Father’s Day?”.

Get your fans to become your clients

Redeem discount vouchers

Ideas para el día del padre: campañas y promocionesFather’s Day boosts sales for dads. If your brand offers products or services destined to this target, it’s a great chance to get your social media fans to become clients and purchase your products or services in your online or physical store. How can you do that? Offering them coupon codes with discounts when users register in your promotion or campaign. You can custom them with the codes you prefer.  

You can combine this dynamic with any other campaign, such as a photo contest, a quiz or a question-answer competition.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. You already have all the best ideas to grab the attention of your users and buyer persona. Create your campaign with Cool Tabs now!


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