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Full reports with all Page Performance data delivered directly to your inbox!

Full reports with all of the data obtained via Page Performance

Page Performance is one of the Cool Tabs services that we launched a few months ago to help other customers to see the performance of their Facebook pages and understand the results by comparing them with those of similar fan pages. It is a free service but we do have a premium version that is much more complete and detailed for users of our platform with a monthly service plan.

Additionally, from now on, not only you can check your results whenever you need on Page Performance, you can also download a report with all of the data which you can present directly to your customer or boss (if you’re not your own boss!). All of our users can download the first report free as a demo, and Cool Tabs customers with a monthly service plan can download as many reports as they need to keep themselves up to date with their fan pages.

From now on, the analysis that will be done by Page Performance on your Facebook page will only be done for the date range that your Cool Tabs monthly plan allows. In other words, Page Performance will analyse the publications and progress of your fan page for the following time frames:

  • FreePlan: For the last 15 days.
  • StonePlan: For the last 60 days.
  • GoldPlan: For the last 90 days.
  • DiamondPlan: For the last 2 years.

Reports that you wish to download will include the dates that you specify in Page Performance and must be within the range allowed by your plan.

Here is an example of a report with all of the Page Performance data from the last 30 days. You can customise it however you like, including being able to add your own logo or that of your customer.



Try Page Performance now and download your first report >>

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