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Giveaway App for Instagram and Twitter Sweepstakes: Reward Your Followers and Audience

Sweepstakes apps: Instagram and Twitter

Instagram Sweepstakes and Twitter Sweepstakes are our giveaway app for making prize draws among the followers of one or more profiles, for users that like one or more photos/videos from one or more Instagram’s profiles or one or  more Instagram sponsored posts. You can also launch a sweepstake among your followers or for users that retweet one or more of your tweets on Twitter.

The idea is to energise your community, directly rewarding your audience for following and/or interacting with your Twitter or Instagram account. You’ll also get a report with all of the information about these users.

giveaway app for Instagram and Twitter

Take note of all the advantages that using these apps for sweepstakes on Instagram and Twitter can have for your brand.

Giveaway app for Instagram Sweepstakes and Twitter Sweepstakes: advantages

The first thing you need to take into account is that direct sweepstakes are actions which are fast and simple, and which are launched on your social media’s wall or timeline.

While campaigns and contests usually include a data form for lead generation, direct sweepstakes and draws don’t. Besides, while a sweepstake dynamic is usually very simple, users must make a bigger effort to participate in campaigns and contests. Many times, they need to invest some of their time for uploading an image or video, answering certain questions…

This are the goals you can reach by launching a direct sweepstake on social media:

  • Attract more new fans or followers: By launching a prize draw and advertising it beforehand, word will spread and new users will begin to follow your account and interact with your brand. Therefore, you will increase your number of followers and go viral.
  • Increase your engagement: A likes or comments sweepstake can be a big ally for your brand, as your users will leave likes and comments in your posts, as well as share them.
  • Encourage loyalty: These prize draws or sweepstakes, however, have another aim, which is to reward the users’ loyalty, either for having followed a specific Twitter or Instagram user, or for interacting with a like or comment (on Instagram) or a retweet (on Twitter).
  • Increase social traffic to your Twitter or Instagram profile: Make the most of it! It is the best moment to interact with your users, following them back (when appropriate), thanking them for sharing, etc. You should, consequently, make good use of your sweepstake’s add and focus all your attention and dedication on your Twitter or Instagram. It’s also a good time to increase traffic to your website, as your followers will look for information on your brand and keep interacting with it if you get their interest.
  • Get a report with all of your followers’ details: Get all of the details about the users who have participated by commenting one of your posts on Instagram or retweeting one of your tweets, as well as of your followers on Twitter. Analyse them by downloading our reports. We’ll provide you every data each social network allows our platform to collect.
  • Select the winner(s): The giveaway app randomly selects the winner(s) for you. You just need to choose how many there will be for your prize draw. Furthermore, the application gives you a certificate of validation which proves that the draw was 100% random and carried out “on our servers following the instructions provided and configured by the promotion’s administrator as established in the terms and conditions of the competition”. So, you won’t have to worry about selecting the winner/s manually.

giveaway app

Specific conditions for Instagram Sweepstakes

If you’re going to user Instagram giveaway app, keep in mind that:

  • Draws on Instagram can only be made on public profiles. Your brand’s Instagram profile will typically be public, but we mention this because there are lots of private profiles on Instagram and you should be aware of this parameter.
  • Instagram only allows sweepstakes among users who have commented on one or more posts. You can ask users to mention X friends, to include a certain hashtag and/or to follow one or more profiles (you won’t be able, though, to check this condition automatically, as Instagram doesn’t allow it).
  • You can also choose the option to make the draw among users who like or comment on one or more posts that belong to different Instagram profiles, or promoted posts. 
  • You can create an Instagram Sweepstakes for free with our 7 days free trial, with no limits.
  • Download a report with all of the data of the users that entered the prize draw (for followers or for users that liked or commented): This option is available only for the paid version of Instagram Sweepstakes. The following user information is shown in the report: Username, bio, website, profile photo, full name, number of publications, number of followers,  following number and user ID. And if you want to get a report with all your followers’ data, take a look at the options of our Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram.
  • Sweepstakes for sponsored posts are only available for users that comment on the post. You can launch this kind of draw from our Gold One Plan.

Specific conditions for Twitter Sweepstakes

When using Twitter giveaway app, keep in mind that:

  • Draws on Twitter, both when for followers, for retweets or for answers,  can only be made on public profiles. Your brand’s Twitter profile will typically be public, but we mention this in case you are one of the rare cases that we come across where it is not.
  • You can create a Twitter Sweepstakes for free with our 7 days free trial, with no limits.
  • Download a report with all of the data of the users that entered the prize draw (for followers or for users that retweeted). The last option is available only for the paid version of Twitter Sweepstakes. The following user information is shown in the report: Username, name, number of followers, following number, number of tweets, profile description, location and personalised URL.
  • Specific limits for retweets draws with Twitter Sweepstakes:
    • A maximum of 20,000 retweets will be included.
    • The Twitter Search API is based on publication relevance, not on all publications. This means that some tweets or users will not appear in the final results. At Cool Tabs, we have found that normally more than 85% of retweets are included.

Tips for your Twitter Sweepstakes and Instagram Sweepstakes

  • Draws for both Twitter and Instagram should not be done over lots of days because they lose steam. The idea is to make an impact on your audience and launch a draw over 1-5 days, or a week at most if there is a good prize or if you already have lots of followers and there will be a good level of dissemination throughout the entirety of the duration chosen.
  • Use a hashtag for the draw, whatever type it is: Besides it being recommendable to be able to monitor your draw more closely, it is a way for your audience to identify tweets. In addition, if it is a retweets or followers campaign on Twitter, the hashtag may become relevant and generate conversation and even, maybe, become a trending topic! You can also monitor it in a more detailed way with our Social Analytics tools.
  • Find out what is the best time to launch the draw: On Instagram, for example, the best time is usually in the middle of the day or after dinner, while for Twitter there is more variety and you will certainly have to publish various tweets at different times to disseminate the draw as much as possible.
  • Look after your Twitter/Instagram profile more than ever: From the design or profile information (profile picture, cover photo, bio, …) to communication with users, which must be as smooth as possible. Don’t leave it for too long before answering them, thanking them for sharing the draw, etc.
  • Legal Terms and Conditions. You always should include them in your draw or campaign, as they are compulsatory and also will give more transparency to your action.

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