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I want to be Godfather of Cool Tabs

Cool Tabs: Became an affiliate

Affiliate Program has arrived

We have ready our Affiliate Program. It was an option that we had not given you so far, but it is already available, is free and gives you the chance to get commissions through Cool Tabs. It sounds good, right?

What is this?

Our Affiliate Program is a plan for those users who register free as such and get customers to Cool Tabs. These affiliated users will be called “Godfathers of Cool Tabs” and customers who come through them, “their referrals“.

Affiliate Program: Sign up

Affiliate Program and ReferralsEach one chooses the strategy to attract customers: You can do it by word of mouth, promoting our applications on your website, writing a post about them, sending an email to those people who you think may be interested…

We believe that the best option is to include it on your website, because your users will see and, if they are interested, they will click without you make a business work and you will not spend no longer than necessary to this task. In addition, we will help giving you exclusive graphic material and customized URLs, so that if your referrals come to our site, will have to do so via any of the URLs that we have provided you so we can identify it as your referral.

This is our Tool Section where to find your customized URLs and graphic material to promote Cool Tabs:

Affiliate Program: Tools

What are the commissions and how is the payment?

When you get a new client and he made ​​his first purchase at Cool Tabs, you’ll get 30% of the net price of the purchase. If the customer returns to buy, you will get 10% of the net in each of their purchases during the first year. When will you be paid? When you have a cumulative amount exceeding 50 euros and, for safety, we will pay you via Paypal.

How do I manage my referrals and commissions that I have accumulated?

For this purpose, the Affiliate Program has a Management Panel, where you can see who is now a Cool Tabs client through you and has become part of your list of referrals and also how much money you have accumulated. This panel is simple and intuitive, as you see below, so you will not miss a detail of how it goes the affiliation with Cool Tabs as Godfather.

Management Panel

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you.

We invite you to be our Godfather today! Join our Affiliate Program and earn money with us.


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