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How can I create a ranking based on scores competition?

Ranking by points competition

Ranking by points competition

As we mentioned in previous posts, we now have 3 applications for creating competitions and promotions. Now, only the Cool Promo series  are available, with the petit Cool Promo Lite, the popular Cool Promo, and its White Label version Cool Promo White Label.

Our old applications Get Fans Promo and Buzz Promo (and their white label versions) no longer exist. Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label have superseded them. So if you want to create a referrals competition or one with ranking by points, you can do so with these applications which also have many more options than the older ones.

Ranking by points competition

To create this type of competition, we would use, as we stated previously, Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label, if we want to take advantage of the benefits of the white label. After choosing one of these two applications, we can start setting up our ranking by points competition.

Steps to create a ranking by points competition:

1. We chose the type of promotion that we want to launch.

In this case: Facebook promotion.

Promotion type: Facebook promotion

2. We fill in the usual sections in the form to set up a promotion, i.e. the basic information (campaign name, tab name, etc.), where we can use the ‘Description‘ field to give details of how our competition will work.

Contest description

If we don’t want to use the ‘Description’ field, we can also give an outline of the competition in the main image that appears in the next section entitled ‘Promotion Design’. We should be especially meticulous with the campaign’s main image, and the image and text that are shown after fans take part. For this campaign, the fans not only take part, but also have to score points for their viral actions. So, we must use these two fields to encourage them to keep participating in the competition.

Image and text after participating

3. Configure the dates for your promotion.

As with any campaign, you have to fill in the start and end dates for your promotion, as well as the start and end dates for entries and votes (sections 3, 4 and 5 of the setup form). In the ‘dates and entries setup’ section, we have to activate public participation if we want users to see the list of entries and those with the most points earned from their viral actions.

Participation dates and configuration

In this section for entries and voting setup, anti-fraud measures are also established. In addition, it is advisable to enable the option stating that the users have to be fans of the page in order to take part or even vote so that we can attract new users to our fan page. We also need to choose whether we want to enable comments on the entries.

4. Virality score

This is the most important section in the competition setup for a ranking by points competition. It is where we decide how many points we give our participants for each viral action and which actions we give more points for.

Virality score

5. Integration with Twitter

If we want our competition to be a straightforward ranking by points competition, then, after filling in section 6 with the scoring system to be used, we can skip directly to section 12 as none of the sections in between are required. Even if this is the case, we advise that you have a look through those sections since you may want users to fill in more information in the entry form (name and email address will always be requested) or give a discount coupon for having taken part (section 11). Otherwise, the next step is the ‘Integration with Twitter‘ if you want the tweet button to appear on the main page of your campaign. We advise that you activate this as it is a good way of increasing the spread of your promo.

In this section, we would only have to fill in what we would like the tweet to say when users share the competition on Twitter. We can also add a Twitter account that we would like the tweets to be associated with.

Twitter Integration: Display Twitter button

6. Convert your fans into customers with Xeerpa

If you have chosen a Cool Promo White Label, you can try Xeerpa’s Express plan free for 30 days and collect more information about your fans by activating it here in section 13.

7. Additional data.

This last section is used for choosing whether to activate comments for the campaign; send an email to participants to encourage them to spread the competition to earn points; activate posts on users’ walls or the ‘share’ pop-up that appears after having entered the competition; as well as configure the title and the text that appear when users share the competition or the fact that they have taken part in it. In this type of competition, this last part is especially important as it will attract potential participants and voters.

Additional data: Enable share the competition in wall

Once these fields are filled in, we can preview the competition, publish and activate it, and get our ranking by points competition up and running.

Fans who participate will see a final screen like the one below that can be accessed by clicking on ‘View entry’ on the home page of the campaign and on which the number of points scored can be seen:

Clicking on 'View entry' on the home page of the campaign and you see your number of points

To check out the competition in full, see our Ranking based on Scores demo.

Once you understand how it works, you can start to create your ranking by points competition with Cool Tabs.

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