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How Can I Decide the Most Suitable Size for my Promotion’s Images?


When creating a new promotion, it is important to choose the right images to be shown on the application’s main page. That’s why you should decide not only the content to be included on the page, but also the most suitable size for the images, depending on where they are going to be displayed.

Even if all our applications resize every image to be used at the different stages of the promotion, the final result will be much powerful when size is taken into account before selecting an image,

Cool Promos and Buzz Promos Applications

The main image for applications Cool Promo and Buzz Promo must be 740 pixels wide maximum.


There’s no maximum height, so images to be uploaded can have whatever height you like.

The following image is the one to be shown to users who are not fans of the page. The size of this image is exactly the same as that of the main one: 740 pixels wide.

Besides text, you can also add pictures to the description of your promotion. These images are uploaded with html editor, which is available at ‘Description of the promotion’.


The maximum size for these images is 745 pixels.


You can also enable different content to be shown before the promotion starts or once it’s over. This content is created with html editor, just like the main description of the promotion. Images can also be uploaded here. Images maximum width is 810 pixels.


The last image that can be customized on this kind of promotions is the image to be shown right after participating. The maximum width for this image is 650 pixels.


Get Fans Promo Applications

Applications such us Get Fans Promo allow you to customize four different aspects of the promotion: Main piece of content to be shown on the contest, piece of content to be shown to users who are not fans of the page and contents to be shown before the contest starts or once it’s over. These four aspects can be customized on our html editor application. Both images and text can be uploaded here. Images maximum width is 687 pixels.



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