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How can you show the same Facebook contest on two different Fan pages?

How can you show the same Facebook contest on two different Fanpages?

How can you show the same Facebook contest on two different Fanpages?

Many of you have asked about the possibility to show the same Facebook contest or promotion on different fanpages. We are glad to announce that this functionality is now available.

It’s very easy. You just need to follow these steps:

1. Access Your Contents‘ from your user area.

Cool Tabs' dashboard

2. Click on the option Tab settings.

Click on the icon 'Tab Settings'

3. Click on ‘Multi-channel‘ or scroll to get to that section and copy your promotion’s url.

Multi-channel option

Copy your promotion's url

4. Create a new external web application and paste the html link.

Create content: External content tab

Then copy the promotion link you copied earlier (you can give a specific height to the new promotion page) and adjust the content thanks to our zoom:

Add your promotion's url5. Post the new tab you’ve just created on any Fan Page you want. Your contest will now be published in 2 different Facebook pages ;)

Copy of the original contest


What kind of promotions can be published in more than one page?

Our Cool Promo, as well as its White Label version.

How much does it cost to publish my promotion in another fan page?

0€. Nothing. At all.

Can I publish my promotion in more than 2 fan pages?

Sure! You can publish it in as many fan pages as you wish or need to.

If I’ve got a white label promo, can I install the promotion in another fan page with White Label also?

Of course you can, no problem, although in this case it will be differently for users who have Plan Diamond for their content tabs and for those who do not have:

Users with Plan Diamond: These users can post all their tabs at White Label, so they will publish this new tab as they usually do, creating a new application in Facebook Developers. The only thing they need to bear in mind is that participants’ Facebok insights will always be linked to the Facebook application they were using for their first promotion.

Users without Plan Diamond: The new tab will appear without references to Cool Tabs, because our app will detect that is a copy of a White Label promotion and when they decide publish it, the original will be cloned exactly. However, these users will not have their own application for these tabs that contain copies of the original promotion.

 Start now to create a Cool Tabs contest and try this option >>

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