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‘Choose your Favorite’ or How to Create a Contest on Facebook Based on Users’ Votes Only

Type of competition: Choose your favourite

Type of competition: Choose your favourite

Contests based on users’ votes for some previously selected contents (texts, photos, videos, etc) are typically created. This kind of contest does not require users to fill in any registration form to participate. Users just need to vote for the contribution they want.

Within the wide range of applications to create contests and promotions provided by Cool Tabs, you can find two applications to help you create your competition based on users’ votes. This kind of contests can be created with the following applications: Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label.

The main reason behind this kind of contest is to upload the contributions or contents that users are going to vote for before the contest is launched.

How can you create a competition type ‘Choose your favorite’?

1. Create and configure your Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label.

  • Firstly, you need to create and set up your promotion. It’s very important to enable functions ‘Enable votes for the participations‘ in the section ‘Dates and configuration of votes and comments’ and ‘Enable public participation‘ in the section ‘Dates and configuration of entries’ since the contest is going to be based on votes and participations need to be public to be voted for.

Enable votes

Secondly, if your main objective is to increase the number of fans for your page, it’s also important to enable the function ‘Users need to be fan of the page to be able to participate‘. Lastly, if you want to give some sort of prize to all participants in your contest, the following functions need to be enabled so voters’ email addresses are available for you to contact them in case they win the prize ‘To vote, users shall agree to provide their email addresses‘.

Depending on the format of the piece of content you want users to vote for (a text, image or video), your registration form will be set up in one way or the other, that is, you will enable one of the following options: ’To participate, users’ must answer a question‘, ‘To participate, users must upload an image‘ or ‘To participate, users must upload a video‘ , or all of them.



Once your promotion is set up, the contents you want users to vote for shall be uploaded by yourself as administrator. This is only possible if you enable the function ‘Multiple participations‘, so the administrator can participate several times and upload all the contents you want users to vote for. You will also need to check that the dates you have entered on the fields ‘Participations’ start date‘ and ‘Participations’ end date‘ allow you participate as administrator when you want to upload contents: If you want to upload the contents today, the start date shall be yesterday’s date and the end date tomorrow’s date, for instance.

To start uploading contents, you need to share the promotion on your Facebook page. It can also be published on a test page and then posted on the final page. Since the promotion hasn’t been paid for yet, it will not be live and therefore, users, unlike yourself as the administrator, won’t be able to see it.


As administrator, you can also take part in the contest as many times as you need in order to upload all the material you want users to vote for on a later stage. If you want them to choose from 10 different images, you will have to participate 10 times to be able to upload all the 10 images.

Once this is done, you need to change the criterion ‘Participations’ end date‘ again, and set a date that is prior to the votings’ start date, so that you make sure that none of the users can take part in the promotion (that is, upload any contents). Instead, they will only be able to vote for the uploaded material. This is a very important point.

You can now move on to activate your promotion by making the requested payment. From the ‘Promotion’s start date‘ on, users will be able to see the promotion and start to vote on the ‘Votings’ start date‘. Users will never be allowed to take part in the promotion, since the end date for the participations should have expired.

As you can see, creating a contest based on users’ votes only is very easy if you use our applicatiosn for promotions on Facebook. Please check out our prices page and chose the option that suits you the most.

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