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Best Halloween Marketing Ideas According to Your Goals

Halloween is coming! Do you already have some ideas for Halloween marketing campaign? What a better way to celebrate it than by launching a promo. And as you may have noticed, these types of dates are perfect to launch different campaigns and enhance your marketing strategy.

Don’t you know what digital marketing campaign is the best for your brand or business? If you already have a clear idea of the campaign you want to prepare, we invite you to click on our web and start your Halloween campaign. But if you’re still thinking about it, calm down, continue reading and get inspired by these Halloween ideas.

Halloween marketing ideas

Halloween marketing ideas that work

Halloween is the celebration that starts one of the times of the year when sales increase the most. That’s why we recommend you to launch promotions and competitions on your social media taking in account these ideas.

1. Achieve higher conversions with discount vouchers

Are any of your products directly related to Halloween? In that case, whether we are talking about costumes, decorations or different products, your goal should be focused on increasing sales. That’s why you need your social media followers to start purchasing your products and services.

The first of our ideas for Halloween to get this objective is to create custom discount vouchers. Create a marketing campaign, with a participation form, in which you distribute codes or discount coupons among the followers of your social networks or the users that access your web.

Users will get a discount coupon in return for leaving their personal data. They will be able to redeem this discount on their next purchase, with the conditions that you establish (in the whole store, only on a certain item or service…). This way you will be able to redirect your users and potential customers to your store.

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2. Get customer loyalty with direct prizes

One of our favorite Halloween marketing ideas is a Spin and Win wheel with an instantly and at random winners. That is the main attraction of this type of campaign. Prizes are given out randomly and participants know at the moment of participating if they have won. If you’re looking to attract users, don’t hesitate and launch a Halloween Spin and Win wheel.

If, in addition to obtaining leads, your objective is to reward and build customer loyalty, your best option is to set up a Spin and Win wheel, linked to a discount code campaign. Only users who have bought in your establishment or eCommerce on a specific date or have purchased a specific product or service will obtain the code to validate your promotion. By accessing your Halloween Roulette, completing the form and entering the code, participants will know if they have won and what your prize is.

Try our demo and, if you like it, adapt it to your brand. Customize it and set up your prizes.

3. Obtain leads with a terrifying test

Do you want to boost your community and obtain leads? The best way to do so is to create a Halloween quiz, for example: ‘Which is your ideal Halloween costume?’, ‘Tell us about your personality and We’ll guess which scary movie you should see this Halloween’ or ‘How much do you know about Halloween?’

Users that want to participate must complete a quiz with a participation form. Quizzes are a magnet to attract users. You will not only get personal data from the participants, you will also be able to attract new followers, generate engagement and virality.

4. Entertain your audience with a Memory Card game

Games have become a very useful tool for brands when approaching and interacting with their audience. Through the gamification campaigns, you will be able to generate branding and promote products.

One of our favorite games is the classic and entertaining Memory Card, in which players are challenged to find pairs of cards.

Although the main objective is to dynamize and entertain the audience, the high participation that obtains this type of campaign is a great opportunity to activate a participation form and capture data.

A classic claim to encourage participation is to launch a sweepstake either among all participants or only among the fastest ones.

Down below, you can see a demo of a Halloween Memory Card game.

5. Increase your social audience and your engagement with sweepstakes

Any time is a good time to celebrate, and even more if your goal is to get new followers. One of the simplest options to achieve it is to launch an Instagram Sweepstake. You can establish some conditions and actions to participate in the promotion:  mention some friends (this will viralize your campaign), use a certain hashtag or leave a comment.

With an Instagram Sweepstakes app, you’ll be able to check, when you select your winner if the users really meet these requirements.

A sweepstake like this usually means more engagement and a higher social audience. Nevertheless, we recommend you to establish a dynamic according to the prize you offer. The more you ask for, the fewer participants will be in your campaign.

This type of draw is perfect to prop up your content and generate collaborative content, besides being an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties with your community and get to know it better.

Propose to your followers that they upload a photo of them celebrating Halloween night accompanied by the hashtag that you choose. They will surprise you for sure!

Tips for a successful Halloween marketing campaign

Before preparing any promo or campaign, keep these tips in mind:

  • First of all, what makes you different? On special dates like this, there are many brands preparing contests. Find what it is that differentiates you from your competition and exploit it in this contest.
  • Take a few minutes to think about the prize and remember that it will be one of the most important attractions of your promo. Choose one that meets the requirements to participate and the effort the users must make. It is not the same to mention a friend and share a hashtag than to prepare a video or a text, don’t you think?
  • Halloween is the perfect excuse to fill your creativities with orange, black and violet cobwebs. Take care of the style of the copies and creativities you use to mount your promo or raffle, don’t forget that they are the key to attract the user’s attention.
  • Publish posts as a reminder, to avoid a drop in participation.
  • Use other social networks to capture users and redirect them to your Halloween marketing campaign or to the network where you’ve marked the draw. Include information about your Halloween action in the newsletters you send to your subscribers.
  • We also recommend you to make a small investment in Facebook Ads, to give a boost to the action and achieve impact on more users.

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