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IG Stories: 9 Tips to Launch Contests and Sweepstakes

IG Stories

Only a little few people still don’t know what IG Stories are, right? Since Instagram launched this app three years ago, they are becoming more and more important for their users.
IG Stories

Users choose Instagram Stories to interact with their friends and connect with the people they follow on this social network. Brands also find in this app a great tool to reach more clients and buyer persona. If, by the way, you still don’t know how to position your brand on Instagram, you just need to read this post.

You can also use IG Stories to spread your campaigns and sweepstakes. These are the best tips to do so!

Tips to launch and share sweepstakes and contests on IG Stories

If you are a brand, having a profile on the fastest growing social network nowadays, Instagram, can be very beneficial for you, as well as help you to achieve your goals.

IG Stories is one of the organic sources to drive traffic to your campaign which best work. If you want to show your products and/or services to your potential audience, choose Instagram Stories to spread your sweepstakes and help them go viral.

Look at this image: it’s a statistic provided by our platform, which shows the number of participants of a campaign and also the principal traffic sources.

This campaign had 2.785 total visits. 592 were from IG Stories, which was the second traffic source for this campaign, just behind Paid Ads. This means that it was, actually, the first organic traffic source.

Sharing sweepstakes or campaigns on IG Stories is very easy, and we have great tips to achieve it. But before, Facebook politics (as you know, Instagram is owned by Facebook) has a series of rules on what you can and cannot do on Stories. Take note:

  • You can: share content, spread it through regrams and upload images/videos including direct links to your website, blog, campaign…
  • You cannot: Instagram doesn’t offer tools that provide information about the comments or reactions on a Story. That’s why you won’t be able to know the participants in an automatic way.Therefore, you can’t launch sweepstakes directly on IG Stories, and collect the data with a specific platform. You may carry out sweepstakes and count the mentions on them, but you can only do it manually and you must keep in mind that Stories only last 24 hours. If you are a well-known brand and your sweepstakes have 1000 participants each day, for example, you’ll need to collect them every day and by hand. If you choose this option, you must know that it won’t guarantee you true veracity and transparency, as a platform like Cool Tabs would. Therefore, non-winners can open a debate about the election of the winners or even accuse you of choosing them not randomly, but hand-picked. This can be very detrimental for your brand. Be very careful!

giveaways contests

Tips to spread your campaigns or sweepstakes on IG Stories with Cool Tabs

  • Use the hashtag #sweepstakes or #contest. If you want your campaign or sweepstakes to go viral and reach more users, choose a hashtag for it and generate social conversation. Don’t forget to include this hashtag in your images on IG Stories. Here is an example of a photo contest in which users must upload a summer picture. We’ve chosen the hashtag #SummerCoolTabs, so everybody that wants to participate includes it.IG Stories
  • Upload the image of the sweepstakes. Make a snapshot of your sweepstakes or contest from your feed and share it directly on IG Stories. To attract more people, add the word “Sweepstakes” or “Giveaway” in a big size.
  • Share two or more images explaining how to participate, step-by-step. Many Instagram users usually just have a quick look at IG Stories, so they won’t probably notice that your post is a giveaway. If you include different images with the same look & feel, you’ll grab their attention.
  • Upload an animated video showing the prize. Your image’s design can be even more attractive if you show the participants what they can win. In our experience, the rate of participation goes higher when brands show the reward.
  • Through Facebook Ads. Ads allow you to set up your Instagram profile so your sweepstakes reach more users on IG Stories, always indicating that it’s an ad.
  • Upload an image that indicates that the link to your sweepstakes is on your profile’s bio. Instagram still doesn’t allow some accounts to include links directly on IG Stories, but don’t worry! You can share an image with your sweepstakes’ content on Stories, reminding users that they can access the link through your feed’s bio.
    IG Stories: Link on bio
  • Upload an image/video with a direct link to your sweepstakes out of Instagram (Facebook, a microsite…). And last but not least, if you are one of the lucky ones with the blue check in your account, upload your photo or video and include a direct link to your campaign.IG Stories: Direct link

And remember: If you launch a campaign or direct sweepstakes with Cool Tabs, you can create custom URLs for each of the channels where you share the link, by UTM Tracking. That’s the best way to know which traffic comes from Instagram Stories.

Tips to share sweepstakes from other profiles on IG Stories

If you launch sweepstakes or contests together with an influencer, there are a few tips to share it on your own IG Stories. It’s fast and simple!

Imagine you are a well-known fashion brand with your own Instagram profile, where you usually share your contests and sweepstakes. You decide to carry out a different action with an influencer, for example, a trainers’ giveaway with a famous football player, but you decide not to publish it directly on your feed, as only the influencer will do it. You can spread the campaign through IG Stories.

Share the contest, step-by-step

1.  The first step is to log in on your Instagram profile. Once there, look for the influencer’s account, and select the image you want to share.  Keep in mind that the profile needs to be public. Now, search the DM icon.


2. Tap this icon. The next screen will display different options: you can either send the message to other users or publish it on your IG Stories.


3. The image you’ve selected will be displayed on your Story. Right under it, you’ll see the name of the profile you are reposting.


4.  The next step: Edit your Story to make it more attractive. In this case, as we’re sharing an Instagram video, we’ve decided to use a Playmobil’s funny gif and add the copies “New video!”.


Any user who sees your Story and wants to see the original publication, just need to click on that IG Stories post.

What do you think about these tips to spread your actions through IG Stories? Which ones are you using on your marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments!

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