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Instant Win: Award different prizes and personalise the message for each winner

Personalised Instant Win

Automatic and random winner selection for each stage of a competition or for the overall competition takes a step further forward. Now you can customise the message that will be shown to each winner and therefore give out various prizes. You can also change the time at which the winner is to be chosen, if you consider that the one chosen it is not the best time for your competition.

Personalised Instant Win

How do you personalise Instant Win?

1. Personalised messages for winners

Until now, in the “Promotion design” section you could customise the message that would be shown to all Instant Win winners for each phase. That is to say that it was the same message for each winner. Now, however, you can create a different message for each instant winner, that is, for each winner chosen by Instant Win. This means that you can give different instructions or prizes to each of your competition winners.

To edit these personalised messages, you have to go to the “Promotion design” section. Then, under “Select the type of message that you want to show to users after they participate“, you will see the option to access a page with all of the winners that will be selected. You can set up the message here.

Instant Win Custom Message

The editing page that you arrive at to set up different messages for each winner will be as follows:

The editing page that you arrive at to set up different messages for each winner

In the editing page, you can set up a private name for each of your competition winners and add the personalised message that we mentioned above, by clicking on the “Edit” icon in the “Actions” column.

Edit Instant Win

2. Selecting at which time the winner will be chosen for each phase

In the same editing section where you can create a different message for each winner, you have the option to change the date and time when each winner will be chosen. We do not recommend changing this option which has been chosen randomly by the application, except when you think that there will not be any participants at the date and time chosen. For example, at 4 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday.

Selecting at which time the winner will be chosen for each phase

What can personalised Instant Win be used for?

  1. To awarddifferent prizes to each competition winner.
  2. To give different instructions to each winner or to set up certain messagesfor some of the winners.
  3. To becomecloser to the participants.
  4. To choosea more appropriate date and time for winner selection if the date and time randomly chosen by the application don’t appear to be the most suitable.
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