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Instant Win: The scratch and win from Cool Tabs

Cool Tabs’ applications allow you to select a random instant winner during each stage of your competition. Winners are picked automatically with Instant Win and the participants in your competition will know immediately whether or not they have won and will not have to wait for a specific date and time for the results to be announced. The most important thing when creating an Instant Win competition is to remember is that there will be one winner per stage and that you therefore need to create as many stages as instant winners you want to have.

How does it work?



How I can create an Instant Win competition?

The Instant Win option is available for our Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label applications. To add it to your campaign, just go to the Competition stages and winners section of a promotion creation form:

  • Setting up the different stages in your competition: In the first part of this section, you need to indicate how many times the same user can participate in your campaign. Normally, if you want to use Instant Win, you will also want there to be several stages within your competition, but this does not mean that you can’t also use it for a competition without stages. The only thing that you need to be aware of is that there will be one Instant Winner per stage and if the competition does not have stages, there will be one winner for the whole competition. If you want to set up different stages, you should choose ‘Users can enter 1 or more times in the period of time (stages) defined’ and then indicate how many hours each stage is to last and the number of times that the same user can take part in each stage. You also need to mark ‘Winners will be chosen for each stage of the competition’, if you want it to select an Instant Winner for each stage.

Competition stages and winners

  • Automatic random selection of winners + Instant Win: In the next part of the ‘Competition stages and winners’ section, you need to mark the ‘Automatic random selection of winners’ option, which will reveal several further fields: Simply choose Instant Win and whether you want the list of winners to be public or not.

•	Automatic random selection of winners + Instant Win

Advantages of Instant Win

  1. Multiple random winners: Usually, campaigns with several stages are created and each of these stages usually lasts a few hours, a day, a week, etc. One of the advantages of Instant Win is that participants do not lose hope of winning throughout the campaign, because if they don’t win in one of the stages, they could do so in the next. In addition, the administrator does not need to worry about picking winners. Not only because the Instant Win selection process is automatic, but also because they don’t need to assess who deserves it more. It’s pure chance!
  2. The winners know that they have won, but the other participants will not know until the end of each stage: One of the great advantages of Instant Win is that the winner could be chosen at any time, but no one, except for the winner themselves, will know until the end of each stage. This means that users will continue to take part throughout the whole of competition stage.
  3. Automatic publication of winners: If you mark the “The winners listing page will be public and participants can see it” option in the “Competition stages and winners” section, the winner will be announced at the end of each stage, so you will not have to worry about publishing the results, the application will do it for you.
  4. Instant Win allows you to create very simple campaigns to collect user data and encourages lots of entries: Normally, when you create this sort of competition, the idea is that participants only have to input their details and, at most, answer a question. That is to say that the campaign usually consists of a simple draw from all of the participants. The setup may however be more complicated, but it is not usually the case. What do you get from doing it this way? More participation, because users do not have to invest a lot of time to take part and therefore lots of user data are gathered that we can later use in our CRM system.
  5. Lots of visits to your promotion: Competitions with stages and Instant Win promotions encourage a greater number of visits since participants access them more than once per campaign, either to take part again or to see whether they have won. You should make the most of these visits by offering new content during each stage. How? We can update the promotion homepage with a new video about our products or services, an image with some of our latest news, information about our brand, etc.
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