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Integration of Cool Tabs with MailChimp: Make the Most of the Leads Obtained in Your Promotions Automatically Importing Them into MailChimp

Integration of Cool Tabs with MailChimp

Integration of Cool Tabs with MailChimp

It’s already been several months since we got this automatic integration of MailChimp with our platform set up. But we’ve kept the secret! Cool Tabs believes that your promos and competitions shouldn’t become just simple lists of participants when your campaign ends. Instead, it should be right then that everything starts, as you will be able to work with the leads you have gathered throughout your campaign. But how? You just need to add those new contacts to your CRM or else, as we are presenting here, integrate their email addresses into a MailChimp list.

How Does the Integration of Cool Tabs with MailChimp Work?

At any time during or after the promotion, you can add each list of participants to one of your MailChimp lists, so that those participants can be part of your email marketing campaigns. In order to do so, you just need to access your Cool Tabs´ administration panel and select the option ‘Edit tab settings‘. Then, double-click on MailChimp from the top menu to access the automatic integration settings.

Mailchimp Integration

Once in the MailChimp section, you will see that there is only one button available for you to select, ‘Activate integration’. Select this option to start the process. The first thing you will be asked to do is to complete the username and password fields of Mailchimp to connect Cool Tabs to your account.

Username and password fields of Mailchimp to connect Cool Tabs to your account

Once you’ve logged in using your MailChimp username and password, you will be directed to the Cool Tabs section you previously accessed. From there, you can select the MailChimp list into which you would like to integrate the list of participants:

Select the MailChimp list into which you would like to integrate the list of participants

What Does the Integration of Cool Tabs with MailChimp Allow Me to Do?

  1. Grow your contact list to reach more people with your email marketing strategy and keep it updated. You only need to follow the process described above to automatically add new contacts or integrate the participants from other campaign into this MailChimp list.
  2. Send customized emails to the participants of a given campaign to thank them for participating, give them feedback, or try to direct them to a landing page which meets your business objectives.
  3. Inform users about new campaigns: since they are included in a promo or contest’s list of participants, you can use the MailChimp list to tell them about upcoming promos, draws, etc.
  4. Turn participants into clients: if a user participates in a campaign related to your products and services and wins a prize, or even if s/he doesn´t, s/he may decide to buy your products. To encourage users to buy your products you can send attractive emails with discount opportunities, tell them about some of the advantages of your products and services, or invite them to try their luck again in a new promotion, among other strategies.
Create your Cool Tabs promotion now and integrate the information you gather into  MailChimp >>

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