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Just-Eat: “We use Cool Tabs to integrate functions like chat or customer service into our Fan Page or our website for ordering home-delivered food”

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Just-Eat have become the world-leader for online ordering of home-delivered food and are operational in 13 countries. Founded by a group of hungry friends, it started business in Denmark in 2001 and has since grown to have more than 38,000 restaurants working with them, providing a total of 50 million meals per year. Just-Eat Spain have been using Cool Tabs to create and publish their social media campaigns since 2012, also using our applications to integrate some of their services into their fan page, where they currently have more than 129,000 fans.

Following their latest draw “What are the essentials that you pack in your suitcase for a trip?“, for which they received 124 entries, we have been in contact with Just-Eat Spain to ask them what their communication and social media marketing strategy is and how they use the Cool Tabs platform, so that we can give ideas to other online food retailers or businesses that use online orders through their website.

The last Just-Eat competition

As well as using Cool Tabs for competitions and promotions, we use it to integrate services such as direct access to our customer service chat or the tab to go directly to our website to order food for home delivery online.

Nabila Prieto, Social Media and Content Manager, and Anti-Cooking Activist for Just-Eat Spain

We have spoken with Nabila Prieto, Social Media and Content Manager, and Anti-Cooking Activist for Just-Eat Spain, to find out a little more about what the company do and why.

Nabila, what is the most important aspect of using social networks for Just-Eat?
We want to use social networks to raise awareness of our brand and our best possible advocates are the users. So, the most important thing for us on social networks is engaging our fans with all of the content that we publish. It is the likes, comments, competition entries, and also, of course, customer service reviews, that help us to improve day by day, both on social networks and elsewhere.

What do you think has been the key to Just-Eat’s success on Facebook
We believe that the key to success is made up of two components: the content that we post, in which we try to combine a more corporate and informative style of communication with entertaining messages and actions; and also, of course, the direct, friendly and fast communication that we have with our fans.

Could you tell us what your strategy is for attracting new fans, on the one hand, and for gaining their loyalty, on the other?
There is a variety of strategies for gaining fans, ranging from an invitation to follow us on Facebook and Twitter using other channels such as the blog, to adverts and all the way through to competitions in which participants have to be a fan of the page to be able to take part. Loyalty, however, is something that we work on by using a friendly tone in our messages and through prize draws and competitions that we organise on an almost weekly basis.

Just-Eat - LogoHow did you get those participation figures in your latest competition “What are the essentials that you pack in your suitcase for a trip?”? 
The key to success in a competition like that is to offer a different type of prize to those that you usually offer (in this case, the prize came from and to do it in a casual and well-humoured way. Also, what you “demand” of the user to enter the competition should be simple and allow them to be able to do it from wherever they are.

What would you highlight from your campaigns and the actions that you carry out on your fan page? Is there anything in particular that you think has been particularly effective for you? 
I would certainly highlight variety. We have had games, draws for Just-Eat coupons, draws for a range of desirable products and much more. You need to be creative every time you launch a campaign to make sure that you don’t bore your followers.

How often do you usually publish promotions and what sort of things do you take into consideration when setting up a competition?
We have an active draw or promotion every week, sometimes on Twitter, sometimes on Instagram, other times on Facebook, and also every now and then on Google Plus. As for the way that we set it up, we always try to make it enjoyable for the user to take part. These may be answers, photos or videos that they want to share.

Just-Eat  Applications in FacebookBriefly describe what you think our services have helped you with.
All of the promotions and special draws that we launch on our fan page are created through Cool Tabs. It is an essential tool for us in our social media strategy. It allows us to create different types of tab easily and quickly, and it allows us to do so while maintaining our brand identity. I would also like to mention that as well as using Cool Tabs for competitions and promotions, we use it to integrate services such as direct access to our customer service chat or the tab to go directly to our website to order food for home-delivery online.

What would you highlight about Cool Tabs
I’ve always admired your customer service. You respond quickly and help us to set up complex tabs very easily.

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