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Launch a media strategy and find out the value of your campaign ROI

Launch a media strategy and find out the value of your campaign ROI

Launch a media strategy and find out the value of your campaign ROI

We recently made a big decision in Cool Tabs. We decided we wanted to know all about the campaigns you run. We wanted to know much more than just the number of participants: We wanted to know who were the participants, visitors and voters of your competitions. So we went down to work and launched Cool Stats 3.0 Essentials, with detailed information and charts, so you could carry out an in-depth analysis and find out what the value of your ROI was and why. However, we still wanted to know something else, we wanted to know what was the most frequently used channel to access your campaigns, which sources were the most used to reach your promotions and contests, and this is what we came up with: The customised URL generator.

Find out whether or not your Facebook Ads /Adwords campaigns work

For each medium and campaign you launch to spread the word about your promotion (Facebook adsAdwords, or just a tweet), you will be given a different link provided by our URL generator. From now on, when you access the Cool Tabs Statistics by Cool Tabs, you will be able to access detailed information about each campaign, and you will find out what was the source which got you the highest return on investment. You can finally know whether or not the Facebook Ads, Adwords, promotional posts, or newsletters work as well as you expected. We help you identify your strong areas!

*Although this customised url campaign is only available for our White Label applications, we will make an exception for a couple of weeks and will also offer this option with application Cool Promo.

How can I start my url campaign?

1. As usual, go to our Cool Tabs panel and click on the “Tab settings” icon of your campaign.

Click on the "Tab settings" icon of your campaign

2. On this website, you will find the URL page generator. The first step is to choose a name for your URL campaign and enter it in the corresponding field.

Choose a name for your URL campaign

3. Once you have chosen a name for your campaign, several customised URL pages will be automatically generated and we will tell you which is more suitable for each medium.

Several customised URL pages will be automatically generated

* We include the most commonly used sources. However, if you can’t find the source you need, you can use the option “Other media”. You can create as many URL campaigns as you need in order to develop your media plan.

What do you get out of this URL campaign?

Once you include the customised links in the media you want to use in order to promote your campaign, you will be able to monitor its progress through Cool Tabs and analyse, at the end of the campaign, which source has attracted the most visits, participants, and voters to your promotion.You can now access all these details here:

Custom campaigns

This new functionality will tell you which media are working and which aren’t and will provide further details about your ROI, for you to plan your campaign according to the amount of new users you attract with each medium.

Create your White Label promotion now and start your URL campaign>>

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