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Launch a Photo Competition on Twitter

Launch a Photo Competition on Twitter

Launch a Photo Competition on Twitter

A competition on Twitter can offer many more possibilities than you ever thought of.  You can do many other things besides simply having users mention you, use a particular hashtag or follow you. You can ask them to contribute pictures to participate in a photo competition on this social network, just like you do on Facebook. This is also very easy for users, as they can either take a picture and upload it straight away, or use a picture from their computer or mobile phone’s gallery. As usual, the most important thing is that users include your competition’s hashtag.

How does a photo competition on Twitter work?

  1. In order to participate, users just need to either post a tweet with a picture and include your hashtag (you can also ask them to mention or follow you) for their contributions to be registered in the competition, or else, they can access using the competition’s app, where they will provide their contact details, upload their pictures, follow the brand, and start tweeting with whatever hashtag you have chosen for the competition. Start tweeting with whatever hashtag you have chosen for the competition
  2. If the option to automatically save all the tweets which include the chosen hashtag or hashtags is enabled, all the tweets found (and their corresponding pictures) will be displayed on the participation list, thus allowing users to vote for them (if you want them to).  Automatically save all the tweets which include the chosen hashtag or hashtags
  3. To best view and organise the pictures users have used to participate, you will have access to a photo admin panel for you to easy access them and choose a winner from the users with the highest votes or among all participants.

To best view and organise the pictures users have used to participate, access to a photo admin panel

How Can I Create a Photo Competition on Twitter?

You simply need to follow the instructions in this tutorial: Create Your First Twitter Contest. Remember you first need to decide whether you want to create the competition with Cool Promo or with its white label version Cool Promo White Label.

Here are three points to bear in mind:

  • Do you also want to post the competition on Facebook or do you rather use a URL provided by us so that your competition remains a Twitter-only promotion?
  • Do you want your photo competition to be on FacebookTwitter and Instagram at the same time, or do you just want it to be a Twitter contest? If you want users to be able to participate from any of these social network sites, you will have to post the competition on Facebook, and edit the hashtag settings so that the participations on Twitter and Instagram are registered. This can be done from the promotion settings ‘Integration with Twitter‘ and ‘Integration with Instagram‘.
  • All tweets which include the hashtag you have chosen for your competition will be registered as potential participations in the promotion, since any tweets including this hashtag will be registered on your Cool Tabs participation panel.  If you wanted simplicity, this is it for you! However, you mustn’t forget that the most effective participation method for you is that in which users participate through your application’s form, since this allows them not only to tweet, follow the brand on Twitter, and upload pictures, but it means that they will provide their contact details as well. This is very important in case you need to contact the winners and you don’t want to do it via a private message.

 Moreover, to help you know about the evolution of your Twitter profile thanks to the campaign you create, we store your track record of followers, that you just can request it by contacting us.

Case study

Tweet your best picture with the hashtag #summertimephoto and follow us on Twitter: Users can either access your app and participate (no need for them to log in on Twitter), or they can tweet the picture using that hashtag. If they use the application, the advantage for you is that you will get participant details (name, surname, e-mail address, and any other additional details you may want to include in the form). However, if they use Twitter, the advantage is that participating will be that simple that it will be easier to spread the word about the competition and attract more people.

If you have any question regarding this type of competition or our platform, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Here is our contact form

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