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Launching a contest or promotion to give discount vouchers on facebook

This is a very widespread commercial strategy used by big companies or brands. They offer a wide range of discount vouchers to customers buying products or services online to increase customer loyalty. The fan page is an ideal way of increasing customer loyalty using this kind of techniques, given that Facebook is a very important tool to promote companies and help them establish direct communication with their customers: You will easily reach a great deal of users who are already linked to your brand or somehow interested in it.


Which Cool Tabs promotion can I use to create my contest?

Cool Tabs offers two alternative options to create a contest based on vouchers: You can use this application Cool Promo or else, if you are interested in creating a white label promotion, you can use this application Cool Promo White Label. If you use this application, apart from Eliminating any reference to Cool Tabs (promotional links), you’ll be able to fully customize your promotion, choosing your own tab icon for your Facebook page and having access to Facebook insights (Facebook statistics) for your application. The creating process is the same for both applications. On the creation page or the editor option for our promotion, besides the regular fields for designing the promotion (dates, registration form, etc.), you should use the following fields:



  • Final picture shown once users have participated: On this field, we will upload the picture to be shown to users right after participating in the promotion. Therefore, it can be used to upload our discount voucher for users to save, print and use it.
  • Text to be shown once users have participated: This text is shown together with the picture above. We can also decide to use the text only and not to upload any picture: In case there is no discount voucher for our promotion and we simply have a promotional code (for customers to use when shopping online on your website), we can just add it on to this section. This field can also be used to write the instructions for users to cash in the vouchers, inform of the terms and conditions for the vouchers, etc. This field offers not only an ‘Advanced text editor’ to customize the styles and format, but it can also be used for all kinds of html, css or javascript codes, so you could add links to external websites, etc.

As we have stated earlier, this two fields can be used at the same time or separately in our promotion. Once users have taken part in the promotion (when they have filled in the registration form), you’ll see the following thanks message.


All our applications for promotions can be used, set up and even installed on your Facebook page before being activated (that is, before the payment has been made). We allow you to install it on your Facebook page in order for you to check the features of the application you’ve created (you can use our advanced preview tool, where you can explore the different screens to see how they’re going to look like on the different stages of the promotion) and check that the promotion works (you can participate and vote). Since you still haven’t proceed to payment, only yourself as administrator and the web developer will be able to see the promotion. You’ll see the following message at all times to let you know:


Users will only be able to see this message ‘There are no active promotions‘:


You can get any of these applications for promotions on our applications page.

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