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What Is A Lead And Other Online Marketing Concepts That You Must Know


Have you ever been confused about social marketing terms, such what is exactly a social lead or a buyer lead? These terms are based on the digital marketing strategies you want to reach. That’s why it is very important to have a very clear idea about their meanings. In order to help you to differentiate every concept, we have created a marketing terms dictionary that will help you out.


What is a lead?

Lead  is the word which we use in order to refer to a person who seemingly is interested in what we offer and who has provided us information,so we can contact her/him directly. The goal is to obtain the information of the users in order to create our own database. The information that we can require might be the name, e-mail or telephone or mobile number, but this is just an idea, and you should be able to identify the most relevant information for you.

A lead could be defined as a “cold contact” with a person who is interested in what we offer. As a result of this, she/he has provided the information required to contact her/him. One of the most used strategies to get leads is to generate interesting content, targeted to the specific public you want to reach, allowing them to download it through different landing pages. Another one is to make contests, drawings or quizzes where, as a requirement to take part, users should facilitate some required information.

Differences between leads and prospects

After clarifying the meaning of a lead, we are going to define what a prospect is and the main differences between both terms. Prospect is the person who is interested in what we offer and has already provided us the information we required. This way, we can learn what she/he wants, needs or even her/him expectations. In conclusion, we already have enough information about them so we can send them totally personalized communications.

The main difference between both terms is that a prospect is in a more advanced  stage in the sales funnel than a lead . Other important difference is the way we start to communicate with each one. We communicate with our leads throughout an automation system, while we do it individually or in small groups with our prospects. The understanding of the optimization of your sales process.

The advantages of social leads

Social leads are leads from whom we obtain the information on social networks. They provide their information by Social Login, which is very easy to use as users do not have to introduce all their data again when they want to create a new account or try to access to some promotion.

The best social network to get social leads is Facebook since it allows us to obtain specific and very detailed information of each user. It goes beyond the typical information like name, surnames and e-mail, so we can also know other information such as birth date, interests, education… We must take into account too that users change their information on Facebook in a regular way, and that does not happen on the rest of social media networks.

Other terms that you must know

At this point, we guess you already know about one of the most used terms in the world of digital marketing: the fan concept. When a person decides to follow the profile of another person, brand or service in  Social Media, this person becomes a fan.

The objective of every brand is to turn its clients into fans in order to improve its online reputation. Fans are not just a number. To build a good and lasting relationship with our fans we must focus on every target and channel.

The customer is the final client who purchases a product or service and is really satisfied with it. It contributes a great benefit since it puts into practice the called “mouth-to-mouth”, that is, the customer recommends our product to her/his friends and best-known people.

Could you say us which is the name that the semi-fictitious representations of our final consumer receive? This is the buyer person. She/he is the one who helps us to define who and how is the audience which we want to reach. To get a good profile of buyer is necessary to analyze and to determine their personal information, their online conduct, their labor situation and their relationship with our company.

After having read this post, we hope to have clarified the meaning of a lead other essential digital marketing terms. Let us know about any other questions you may have in the comments. 


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