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Would you like your fans to subscribe to your newsletter?

If we consider everything´s right, we click on ‘Publicar en FB‘.

Brands and agencies that manage a brand´s social media and contents take into consideration certain figures, for instance: Number of fans on Facebook and number of newsletter subscribers that the brand has. We can increase the number of newsletter subscribers by promoting the subscription among our Facebook fans. We can achieve this by including a tab in our fan page with a short newsletter subscription form attached to it.

How can we create a newsletter subscription form in a Facebook tab?

Newsletter delivery service providers, such as MailChimp, usually offer a form to their customers, who can insert these forms in their webs, blogs, etc, in order to obtain subscriptions. This is a form similar to the one Clara Ávila from MailChimp has sent to us. We will use it as an example in this tutorial: El blog de Clara Ávila Newsletter subscription form.

Newsletter Suscription Form - Example

  • Since the form has its own URL, we are going to use the ‘External Content Tab’ app to include this URL in one of our fan page´s tabs. We sign in on Cool Tabs, access ‘Your contents‘ and click on  ‘Create content‘…

Cool Tabs: Create content


Create content: External content tab

Fill in the new app´s basic data and the URL´s form

Zoom to adapt the form

  • We customise the form, save it and preview the tab. If we consider everything´s right, we click on  ‘Publish to FB‘.

 If we consider everything´s right, we click on  ‘Publicar en FB‘.

  •  As usual, we select a page where we want the form to be posted on and the publishing mode: Standard or White Label.

Publishing mode

  • Once it is posted, it will be displayed just like any other tab in the fan page. It is that easy! 😉

Tab with Newsletter Suscription

Create your tab containing a newsletter subscrition form>>

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