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Make one question a day or a week, award points for answering and limit the response time

What’s new in the promo quiz?

What’s new in the promo quiz?

We’re premiering our dynamic quiz with three new features and one goal: Build expectations among users and reward those who interact the most with our contest in order to promote that engagement that we are constantly striving to get. We also believe that these three features wisely used may not only engage users with our brand, but bring them some fun as well. So since we know that you’re the best when it comes to being creative with our quiz and getting the best from your current and new fans, here you have these three options that make it even easier.

What’s new in this promo quiz?

1. Make a question available for a limited time period

Questionnaire: New Question

This new option featured in the “Add a questionnaire or survey to your competition” section (both in Cool Promo as well as in Cool Promo White Label) is perfect to make users access our promo regularly and answer a question. Participants won’t have to enter their data every time, just the first time they access the form.

For example, in the World Soccer Championship Lottery we would use it for participants to enter their predictions for the games up until before each date. So participants can either complete all bets the first time they interact with the form, or access it whenever there is a game to place their bet for that day.

2. Award points to questions answered correctly according to a scale

Give points for answering correctly

Our contest may have different questions and they don’t all need to have the same value. With this option we can assign a different point value to each good answer. This option is also found in the “Add a questionnaire or survey to your competition” section (both in Cool Promo as well as in Cool Promo White Label)

An example of how to use it would be that same World Soccer Championship Lottery that we already mentioned. We can award more points to games where Spain is playing, for example, or to good answers for the most decisive games in the Championship. In a different kind of promo, we can assign more points to questions related to our brand or to the ones that we find more difficult to get right.

3. Limit the time to complete the survey

If you want participants to answer the questions with a time limit to prevent them from looking up answers or thinking too much, you can include a response time limit. This option can be found in the “Participation dates and configuration” section of your Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label.

Time limit

With the limited response time option, participants won’t be able to close the window and access it later. If once the time is over the entry has not been completed, it will remain as pending moderation. And there’s nothing to be done about it!

How can you use this? Think of contests with questions that have answers that can be looked up on the internet, and you don’t want that. Or if you just want users to focus on your contest and not get sidetracked with other things they may be doing. This creates an excitement to see if you can beat the timer.

These are the three new features associated to the quiz or survey in a promo. Take a look at our demo.

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