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Plan Your Marketing Campaigns on Social Media According to Your Goals

Marketing campaigns goals

Social Media have become the perfect way for the brands to interact with their users. Through these channels, brands achieve more customer loyalty and reach their target audience. If you are a brand, it’s essential to be present on every social channel and launch different marketing campaigns on them.

Organizing contests, sweepstakes or interactive campaigns related to your brand will help you to connect with your audience and the different phases of the marketing funnel.

Nevertheless, both our presence on Social Media and the actions we launch there need to have some final objectives previously determined. Our marketing campaigns should always try to meet these goals.

Marketing campaigns goals

Online marketing campaigns: how to define your objectives

The kind of action you’ll launch will depend on the result/s you want to get. That’s why the first and essential step will be to define the goals of your marketing on Social Media campaigns. These objectives may be:

Attract and increase your social audience

One of the main goals of a brand with presence on Social Media is usually to build and grow a community of followers. But what you’ll really need is your followers to be part of your target audience: quality followers you can interact with.

Attract leads

If you want to increase your potential clients data base you can focus on obtaining mails of the users who show interest in your products and services. Of course, you need to obtain qualified leads. In order to do so, we should launch our marketing campaigns to meet this objective.

Audience segmentation

Do you want to reach your target audience, attract it and generate its loyalty? As a brand, you are possibly looking for increasing your online conversion, so your Social Media fans become customers at some point.  A very important part in this proccess is to get to know your fans. To do so, you can segment your audience: who are they, what kind of engagement  do they have with your brand and when did they interact with it for the last time should be your main questions regarding this objective. Your marketing campaigns must call their attention and involve them. You need to retain them, and get their loyalty and prescription.

Boost your community

The fact that you increase your followers’ interaction on Social Media means that users are becoming more interested in your brand. The main indicator of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns regarding the interest of your followers is the engagement.

Thus, it’s essential to create inbound content: talk about your products and services,  boost the conversation about key news from your sector and, of course, launch contests, sweepstakes and other promotions.

Generate your customers loyalty

If you think that the proccess ends succesfully once the user becomes a customer, you’re wrong. It’s crucial to make a step forward: get your customers loyalty. You can use diverse tools to meet this objective.

Monitoring your Social Media channels is essential. If you are aware of the posts your followers like the most, you’ll be able to strengthen this kind of content. Besides, offer them a customers complaint service, answer them through social networks, make demos and webinars, involve the clients, encourage them to generate their own content related to your brand… In top of that, you can also offer them discount vouchers.

Attract new clients

There are still brands which think that Social Media are just a mean to publish their products and/or services, but they are not just that. You can introduce your brand to clients that already don’t know it through your Social Media channels. That’s why you need to monitor and indentify the social conversation of your potential clients.

Convert your social audience into clients

This objective is very related to segmentation. You should know your audience in order to sell your products. Users and followers on Social Media are the best allies of Social Commerce, so you will need to attract potential clients through yout social channels. Use promotions and contests to achieve your goal: conversion.

Different type of marketing campaigns on Social Media

Once you’ve established your objectives, you’ll need to choose the kind of action or marketing campaigns you’re going to launch on Social Media (giveaways and contests). For example, sweepstakes among followers or those users who interact with your posts allow us to increase your brand visibility, your database or your number of followers, promote your products and services or achieve more conversions.

If you rather boost your community, get your potential clients to know your products and services and, above all this, attract new leads, your best choice will be to run a contest with an entry form (photo or video contest, vote for your favorite…). You can ask for the participants’ data you are interested in, such as their mails, name or phone number.

You can also launch marketing campaigns in which your fans play the main role (User Generated Content), or give them discount vouchers to get their loyalty and attract new clients.

We’ve elaborated a list of campaigns you can create depending on your goals. Choose the one that meets your needs and… launch your campaign with Cool Tabs!

Photo or video contests

This type of marketing campaigns on Social Media are very fun and users usually get very involved.  Choose this dynamic if you want to:

  • Increase you community ✅.
  • Give visibility to your brand  ✅.
  • Boost User Generated Content ✅.
  • Increase the purchase of certain products or services ✅.
  • Connect with your social audience and get to know it better ✅.
  • Generate leads, segment them and increase your database ✅.
  • Give visibility to your clients ✅.

Hashtag contest

This mechanic is usually very successful when it comes to participation, as it is very easy to access the contest and participate in it. Choose this kind of marketing campaign if your goals are:

  • User Generated Content ✅.
  • Dynamize your social profiles ✅.
  • Increase engagement ✅.
  • Boost your social profiles on Instagram and/or Twitter ✅.
  • Dynamize events with a Social Wall ✅.

Instant Win

This dynamic is like an online “Scratch and Win”, as participants find out instantly if they are the winners. The participation results are great and this campaign also helps you to:

  • Generate leads, segment them and increase your database ✅.
  • Combine this dynamic with another type of campaign✅.
  • Increase loyalty

Trivia or survey

Trivia tests and surveys are great platforms to get to know better your users and their relationship with your brand. Launching these marketing campaigns on Social Media you get to:

  • Gamify your social networks✅.
  • Connect with your social audience ✅.
  • Attract new users ✅.
  • Generate leads, segment them and increase your database✅.
  • Connect with your community ✅.

Quizzes or personality tests

These are one of our favorite dynamics. Quizzes are fun, have endless posibilities and users usually love them.

Choose this type of campaign on social media if you aim to:

  • Generate leads, segment them and increase your database ✅.
  • Dynamize your social profiles ✅.
  • Attract new users ✅.
  • Impact of another type of buyer persona ✅.
  • Generate quality content ✅.
  • Increase your social audience ✅.
  • Connect and get to know your audience better ✅.

Coupon codes campaigns

This dynamic is great for any industry or sector and a perfect tool to increase sales. The idea is very simple: offer users discounts for their purchases. They get high rates of participation and also help you to:

  • Attract new clients and generate loyalty ✅.
  • Generate leads, segment them and increase your database ✅.
  • Encourage sales ✅.
  • Dynamize your social profiles✅
  • Introduce your new products or services✅

What kind of marketing campaigns do you usually launch on your Social Media channels? Let us know in the comments.


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